Pentagon to allow photos of soldiers coffins

Discussion in 'US' started by WhiteRabbit, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. From NY Times article

    (my bold)

  2. Mark my words, watch how these pictures immediately become propaganda.
  3. Banning photos of the coffins was an insult to the men and women who died fighting for their country.
  4. Then they were also insulted in World War One, World War Two, & Korea as well, yet no one whined about the need for the pictures then.

    It wasnt until the Vietnam War that flag draped coffin pictures entered the Propaganda of the left. It was used purposefully as to lower morale, and for Political Cheapshots against whomever was President from then on.

    As Someone who has Been present for Ramp ceremonies, Planeside Honors at home, burials, and knew some 2 dozen odd fallen brothers no one I talked with thought it insulting to not have the coffins front page.

    When it becomes a T-Shirt logo of the radical lefties, Used on, huffpo, Daily Kos, etc. then it is an Insult to my brothers, and then I do take umbrage.
  5. If the families give their okay, what is the problem with photographing the coffins? It is not a propaganda tool of the Left at all, but a way to show the American public the true cost of these wars.
  6. Very few of the Familiy's will, you never Served- so shove telling me what war costs, you've no clue. Your idea of war is to drop a $20 in a cup in a southie bar while listening to Black 47
  7. this isn't JUST the USA we're taking about. You're on a British website, so please treat us as such. UK and the US have many differencies of opinion as to what is right and to what is not. Regardless of opinions, each and every fallen should be treated with the same respect as the next one. If the families dont wish their fallen to shown on tv or the papers, then so be it. it should be respected.
  8. Yes, I am well aware of what site this is, Muggle, however, this is the American subforum and the article pertains only to US soldiers, "...the press will now be allowed to photograph the flag-draped coffins of America’s war dead as their bodies are returned to the United States — but only if their families agree."
  9. Oh look,
    Kevin B wants to see bodies coming home, you fu*cking IRA loving Prick.Why dont you go back to Ireland where you belong, Scum like you arent wanted anywhere else.
  10. i believe if the families agree, then it`s their call. The reason for the ban was to keep the public ignorant of the real life images of their dead young in this (Iraq) illegal adventure based on lies and theft.. Bush and cohorts could never have gotten away with their crimes if the public were able to see visceral and poignant images of those wasted young lives. Goldbricker, you`re starting to sound like your friend Gator. BTW, I HAVE served, so don`t try to tell me what`s what.
  11. Also, let the lefty uni bitches do what and wear what they want. And take their kickings accordingly. Can`t see how a t-shirt with a ramp cewremony on it will turn into a big propaganda coup for them any more than their precious keffiyehs are. They have every right to advertise what utter twhats they are.
  12. The ban has been in place since 1991.
  13. Can anyone tell me whether the ban included individual coffins, for example prior to interment; or only to coffins en-masse, eg in an aircraft hold?

    I can understand, but not necessarily agree, with a ban on groups of coffins-a bit like in WW1 when they cross-posted soldiers to other county regts in order to minimise the effect to morale of mass simultaneous casualties from one street or locality.
  14. Dont bring facts into the discussion, it just upsets them......

    He'll counter that he meant Bush Senior the whole time, even though he was clueless of the policy.
  15. Yes, and, like his son, did so because he thought photos of returning military dead could effect support for the war (first Gulf War).