Pentagon: "The British are now down to cutting into muscle."

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Dec 29, 2006.

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  1. Found a great article by Time magazine - published 30 years ago this month.

    Remind anyone of today?
  2. Yes except now Britain's defence budget is pledged to BAe and its unions................and the manpower budget is cut to pay for cost overruns..................exactly the model the PFI funding of Education and Health will cause with delayering of staff to pay fixed costs for capital assets
  3. Sadly not - today is much worse! Just imagine having all those troops there nowadays to help out with the current overstretch. The figure below is Army alone, I believe the current number in Germany is 22,500 serving for all of BFG.

    "The army, which so far has not suffered as much budget cutting as the navy, technically has been able to maintain the strength of the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) at about 55,000 men"

    Good article though, cheers
  4. Could the Ruskies bother to go Westwards I'm sure the Krautes could hold their own. With the amount of gas that is supplied to Western Europe I don't think the Russian government would risk upsetting their customers with a grand invasion plan, even so the article raises important points.
  5. I remember several exercises that were cancelled in the mid-70s because we had run out of fuel - so we had to sit tight before being allowed to return to camp.

    Things have improved immensely. Now they cancel exercises after we have completed all the planning but before we leave camp - which, presumably, saves the cost of the fuel for the drive to the training area.

    Keeps LAND and the DLO very happy though!

  6. Damned interesting - thanks for posting the link. Whereas Jim Callaghan's government never pretended to be particularly pro-Forces, Mr Blair on the other hand would beg to differ......shame that the results appear to be the same.