Pentagon invents tales of soldiers heroism

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by dingerr, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. The Penatgon has made a mockery of US service personnel.

    I take it the American public don't take to kindly to being deceived on such matters?

    Times Online

    The shame being the Silver Star awarded to Pat Tillman appears unjustified which devalues genuine awardees.
  2. Dingerr

    The awards and promotion system in the US does a fine job of making a mockery of itself. Neither system (that I have seen) is based on performance, but rather on time in service and current grade. I don't see why the Pentagon feels the need to add its clown car to the circus.

    I won't bother to bore you with the details, its been covered in earlier threads.

    Only one medal worth a sh1t nowadays, and thats the CMoH.

    That's my Bronze Star worth. I'll get my coat.
  3. It would appear that "lies" are becoming SOP in all aspects of modern military life.
  4. I'm not familiar with the citation, but whether or not it was an American who killed him or if it was covered up is not relevant to the award. The question is if his actions before his death were of sufficient gallantry.

    My experience is that Silver Stars are rarely awarded spuriously.

  5. but not never. sounds like he was basically standing in the road and got lit up by another callsign, but admitting that would have been a PR disaster after all the fuss they made about him joining up.
  6. Isn't the Silver Star awarded for conspicuous gallantry in the face of the enemy? Or some such? Or equivalent hard work if you are directly contributing to the efforts of those in contact with the enemy.

    I worked in a US HQ in Iraq, had to deal with Citations for the 2-star I worked for. He was immensely frustrated that a precedent had been set that you had to get something for serving a year in Iraq and the more senior you got, the higher the award. Bronze Stars and on a couple of occassions Silver Stars were "bid for" for senior officers, simply because their predecessor got one. He wasn't happy and tried to make the awards as meritorious as possible.

    That said, it did shed some light on the UK forces myth that they get medals for nothing - it's just a different system. A US Private could get 3 or 4 medals for a 1 year tour if he was good at his job. One for being there for a year (our Op TELIC service medal equivalent so fair enough), one for serving in certain areas (like a combat medal - slightly dubious), one for good performance (mini-LSGC for the tour - again questionable) and one for anything particularly noteworthy (honour/valour etc).

    It did mean that those who only got the service medal felt cheated, so the norm was at least 2 medals for a 1 year tour....
  7. But isn't the accusation that Tillman was sadly killed by accident but not while leading out the assault described. The unit then fabricated the whole thing to try and avoid the PR backlash. They even ordered the rest of his patrol to lie to his brother who was serving in the same company. So basically they made up the entire gallantry episode to mislead everyone and turn a tragedy into an episode of heroism. It's disgusting.
  8. Anyone care to hazard a comment on what else we've been told by the Pentagon/Bush regime is, in reality, a deliberate attempt to mislead the public with falsehoods...

  9. oldbaldy

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  10. Yes - disgusting. It follows on from the idea that an organisation reckons it should always be seen in the very best possible light and free of any mistake culture. We have the same with our politicians. If they once put their hands up and say "We f**ed up" they know that their opposition and detractors will use this on every possible future occasion. "You were wrong with Tillman. How do we know that this (insert any contraversy) is not another cock-up" That is why large sums of money are spent on PR - maintain a good image and cover up what you cannot spin.
    No - it isn't right. But it could cause mucho problems for the Army/organisation when it has loads on it's plate that - in the wider scheme - deserve priority. Remember that US public opinion is going/gone contra the war. This revelation could add to the No party.
    Anyway - where's T6 when we need him?
  11. Disgusting, yes, PD but sadly predictable. And no, that's not an anti-American dig, I get a nasty feeling that our own MOD would consider exactly the same if they thought they could get away with it.

    Thankfully, as recent events have shown, they're simply not good enough at the PR game!
  12. You used to be able to believe that the MoD would always speak the truth, but not these days. The New Labour culture of spin has pervaded and politicised every aspect of the executive (i.e. civil service) in this country, and those in uniform in the MoD must be complicit or give up their careers.

    The same has happened in the DoD across the pond, but to a much larger extent where a cabal of neo-cons have seized control and have found plenty of willing senior officers to play along for their own career interests.

    But then, it used to believe that the Her Majesty's Government would be extremely judicious with the use of the force at it's disposal, such that you would always know that what you were doing was just, right and legal.

    Certainly not the case anymore.

    Sad really. A sign of the times perhaps, but did it really have to be this way?
  13. Why didn't Lynch speak out prior to her book being published? Hang on..
  14. Whitehall not adept enough at PR after 10 years of Bliar, Alastair Campbell et al.?????

    I prefer to think the service chiefs simply wouldn't let them try anything of the kind.

    Apart from which, there are enough bona-fide UK heroism stories.
  15. If my memory serves me right, after the SF went into Afghan at the start, didn't Bliar order the CGS to dish out some VC's as he felt that they had deserved it?

    I do remember there being a whohar in the paper as TB was slapped down and reminded that the government and the politicians do not award medals to personell within the Army for political reasons.

    It's a shame that the DOD decided to fabricate this mess, you have a young football superstar who gave up a multi-million dollar career to join the Rangers after 9/11. He dies in a friendly-fire incident then they concoct this story by lying to the US public about it. Hats off to his brother who is also serving and has gone to the Congressional Hearing to give evidence about this farce.