Pentagon evacuated

The Pentagon has been evacuated because of possible earthquake in Washington area


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you didnt dig the foundations for it did you?
I thought Tropper was in Libya giving advice to the rebels. He did discover the country, after all, otherwise the capital wouldn't be known as Tropperli...
I felt it in Pennsylvania. Wasn't a very bad tremor, maybe a 2-3? Probably a little stronger down south.


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so grazer one works then?
Werewolf et al. : Earthquakes are fairly rare in that area in particular and the northeast in general. Having spent may years involved with what you folks call Civil Protection I checked the US Geologic Survey data and this one either ties or exceed the current record VA earthquake which was in 1897 (back when Victoria, God bless her! was queen)

A friend who is a soldier assigned to a congressional building was evacuated as was his fiance who works at the Pentagon.

Here in Massachusetts slight tremors were felt and apparently some slight damage in Boston where, i am told, a cupola on an older office building is leaning over the street now. <serious hat off>

Also, there are reports that White House staff in Martha's Vineyard. who are with the President as he works on his golf game and his tan , have consulted geologists and determined that the source of the earthquake was an obscure fault known as "Bush's Fault"
Some serious 15-20 seconds of shaking in Maryland...which really spooked the folks loading propellant on the range!
It's all those Seven Foot Alien Lizards from 'V' digging tunnels to take over the Earth. The Earth is hollow according to some folks.... it might just be true....!!!

Time for me Meds.... 'Tis Late o' clock again...

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