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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. Has anyone here ever watched the Pentagon Channel? Obviously it's very, very American, but they show some quite interesting stuff.
    You can stream it live, or watch videos here.

    The Pentagon Channel

    Go to the menu on the left and click on the name of the show for the videos.

    One of the shows I watched often was 'Close Combat'. It seems that combative training is mandatory for all US soldiers nowadays, and that they hold championships for it too. It certainly looks quite effective to me, but I'm no expert.

    Anyone who knows a bit more about this sort of thing have any comments on it?

  2. Like Bayonet, there was always Hand to Hand(Combatives) training around but usually pushed out of the YTP for more range time, or Field training. It became mandatory around 06 in the aftermath of several incidents in Iraq. The best known would be the incident where the Deuce Four Bn cdr was shot at close range breaking his thigh and his CSM Prosser threw a beat down monkey stomp on the shooter fighting him to the ground. Mike Yon was there and the pic is something to see


    After that, it took off that all Joe from Infantry to POL clerk should know how to fight unarmed. The channel I rarely get to see anymore since retiring. Every 5 minutes it seemed a commercial for USAFE with their 3 star in his A2 leather jacket
  3. What's a " beat down monkey stomp"?
  4. Judging by the pic, I think it means he gave him a good old fashioned kicking!
  5. Nice one :)
  6. The ethnic looks fairly dead in that pic. The Aus Army now teaches Military Self Defence, which is apparently just enough to get you hospitalised in Townsville, or killed in King's Cross. I doubt that it gets much use in Oruzgan.
  7. They actually teach that now? Closest we got was a soldiers 5 on how to break a pool cue into a sharp pointy thing.
  8. The stuff in the ring looked like the kind of thing you see outside most Old Kent Road Pubs of a Saturday night.
    However it's shame they didn't show the bout where the bloke (19.49) 'took down' a female. Judging by the stuff they did feature, it must have looked like a prolonged 'surprise sex' session.
  9. You must have watched the 'Bantamweight' video! I wondered about that too.....
  10. For those with a motorised satellite system this channel is available on 9 degrees east. Gives an interesting perspective from accross the pond. It certainly shows the diffirence in the way they look after their 'Veterans'.