Pentagon accidentally sold parts for Iranian jet-fighters

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Aug 3, 2007.

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  2. you could have also mentioned this (how shockingly lazy of you, anyone would almost think you had an axe to grind.....)


    Its still a disturbing article
  3. I was born in the Soviet union and is able to read between strings. After 'strict' ban in January the spare parts to the jets had been sold. No doubt that some blokes in Pentagon in attempt to save own arrses try to diminish the scale of event.

    Only 'two of the groups of parts'? But how many spare parts have missed exactly? Likely a lot.

    'the items were not specifically designed for the F-14, and did not involve weaponry, flight controls or wing parts.' Note, that critically important parts for engines were not mentined. So now Iranians likely are able to revive their jets.
  4. The Iranians have become past masters at reverse-engineering parts for their F14 fleet, buying surplus parts through the back door off the US is hardly necessary.

    BTW, didn't the Russians offer to rebuild the F14's for Iran a few years back with modern avionics and Russian engines? I suppose this isn't required now as the Soviet Union, sorry, I mean Russia has so many nice shiny new toys to sell to Iran at rock bottom prices.
  5. Again, Sergey, you're seeing conspiracies where their aren't any.

    And yes, Stacker, i think you're right. Surprise surprise.