Pentagon’s Alleged "Operation Copper Green"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by error_unknown, May 17, 2004.

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  1. There appears to be little doubt now that US Foreign Policy with respect to Iraqi and other prisoners was formulated by Rumsfeld (also famous for his victory over the FDA in getting aspartame approved) probably with Ashcroft's counsel and at least tacit (Bush has declared publicly that he "doesn't read"[sic]; sometimes Bush has been caught on camera pretending to read, however, the camera - as indicated in my avitar - usually catches him with strangely disoriented reading materials) approval of GW Bush.

    Should Rumsfeld be sacked?

    I personally would like to see Rumsfeld placed in goal along with Ashcroft, both preferably nude, in regulation hoods (green hoods with "copper" draw strings might be a nice touch), and poses . . .
    Ideally Ashcroft's "kneel" days could be MWFSun while Rumsfeld's "kneel" days would be TThS. In keeping with Geneva Convention "kneel" days would then alter on the following week with Ashcroft kneeling on TThS, Rumsfeld on MWFSun, and so on . . .