If there is, I've not found it!

You can ask JPAC for a statement and projection once annually for free, so I think this may be best way forward.

"You will need to contact the Pensions Office at the Army Personnel Centre (APC) in Glasgow either by telephone or email:

Tel: Joint Personnel Administration Centre (JPAC) 0141 244 3500

(lifted from

If anyone knows better, can they post it here, as I have a number of ex-forces clients and it will make my (and their), life easier.

While you are asking about your forces pension, it would probably be a good idea to ask about your State Pension, (The Pension Forcasting Team, 0845 3000 168,, as this will give you a good heads-up on the state pansion you will receive at your retirement date.

Remember, for anything more complex an independent financial adviser will be a big help, Clicky to find an IFA in your area

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