Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by hellfyyr, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. Beware!

    I received a letter informing me that I had elected to transfer to the new AFPS 05 (I did not :evil: ).

    Everyone is starting to get these letters do not ignore them as thousands of mistakes have been made in this process; it could cost you!
  2. I can also confirm that I have received a letter telling me I didn't submit an OTT Election Form from Commander I M A Landlubber. I did. So there.
  3. I can recommend a quick phone call to ensure thousands of pounds are not taken from you as you sleep...
  4. 02392 702 197 or 93844 2197
  5. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Thanks guys I thought I had checked I’ve now got ‘left the gas fire on syndrome’

    I’ll check tomorrow
  6. I too had a letter from some dodgy fish head saying i wanted to commit financial suicide,

    Spoke to my FSA, who rang them up, to be told of hundreds of tales of incorrectly inputted info,

    No one thinks this may be a conspiricy theory do they?

    Is this the government assuming squaddies wont check the letter and just asume the choice they made has been honored?
  7. They like to try it on methinks...
  8. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Checked I’m ok still 75 had myself going though
  9. Is there any way to check on JPA?
  10. I am suprised at the lack of responses on this thread; hope people are checking - It WILL bite you if you don't people...
  11. Staggering. How difficult can it be? A one question, yes or no form and they still cock it up. My 2 year old daughter would have done better.
  12. Sad but true.

    Our unit, like many others, processed hundreds of these forms. We were pretty diligent and only two personnel slipped through the net by the time of the deadline (both new arrivals). We also made sure we recorded the election made by each individual, so, we were rather surprised when a SSgt came and told us that he had been placed on the wrong scheme.

    Please do check carefully the confirmation you receive from the OTT Centre. In this SSgts case it was a simple data-entry error at the OTT Centre, which they admitted to and corrected. I would not be surprised if the same was true of many more cases. Consider who is doing the data entry of 300,000+ election forms; minimum wage part timers and students.

    For the reocrd this is being staffed by our chain, but the only way to be sure your election was correctly input is to check your confirmation.

  13. Agreed, check the letter you get from the OTT very carefully indeed as they have made a number of errors (sorry they said clerical errors) in inputting pension decisions.

    They also seem to have lost a large number of forms as 100% of the people we have that OTT said had not made an election had sent their election form direct to the OTT :twisted:

    funny that eh

    You've got to love that AFPAA haven't you? :roll:
  14. Cmon guys read this and add a comment good or bad; this thread needs to be kept alive otherwise some of you will not be able to afford to buy drinks in the legion in years to come to toast my success in setting up a charm school (hmmm will I fail do you think :wink: )