Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by goatbagthedruid, Nov 7, 2010.

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  1. Nothing really has been mentioned about Armed Forces pensions (that I can find) whilst there appears to be much talk about other public service pensions. Anyone heard anything?

  2. GBTD, there is nothing to change the outcome of the interim report of the Hutton Review which came out shortly before the SDSR, recommending that no direct pensions contribution be introduced "for the time being", which is interpreted as "until after the end of the Afghan operation".
  3. Would that mean we would see an increase in pay? Also any direct consultation due to changes to our TACOS?

  4. However it doesn't mean that the AFPRB couldn't increase the amount they consider represents how much better the AFPS is than normay "civvy pensions" - in fact considering how much worse they are all getting I suspect its inevitible
  5. Future pensions will likely be based on career average earnings rather than the current 'representative rate' payable under the '75 scheme/2 years best earnings under the '05 scheme.
  6. If I was a betting man I believe once the 2 year pay freeze finishes, we will pay our pension directly out of our salary instead of indirectly at present.This would also mean that we would also get a pay rise which could push people into the higher tax band.
    Luckily I will be a civvie by then living overseas and drawing mine before they can can change it.
  7. That would cost money though. They'd only get back 20/40% income tax (+NI) on the pay rise and then give it back as pension payments are tax free anyway. The'd then have to pay anyone on AFPS05 more pension as their final salary has increased.
  8. No it dosn't
  9. They are already planning top change the Method by which Indexation of pensions occurs - so if you are currently drawing apension it will be linked to the Consumer Prices Index and not the Retail Price Index. The difference is (on average) a net loss to you of a bit more than about 1% a year every year you draw your pension. As this reflcts on a compounded amount and consequent interest rate the losses are really very significant.
  10. The government in their wisdom is not currently permitting any new No 10 petitions online, so as a workaround a new e-petition to help protect our military pensions has been launched at Protect Military Pensions

    Any assistance in making other interested parties aware of this link would be much appreciated.