Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Ash_Plant, Jan 18, 2002.

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  1. Is anyone going to change to the new pension scheme (stay in until aged 40) or are we all going to stick with the old and cut and run at 37?
  2. Ah another reminder of equality in the Army and the fact that there is no longer a 2 tier system. Pensions wouldnt it be lovely to qualify for your pension after a paltry 16 years service instead of having to do an extra 6 years to get a percentage of what they earn (too lazy to look for an alternative to earn at present!)
  3. I Do not think that anyone in the current pension scheme should move to the new one without checking how it affects then very carefully. So far as I can see very few people will be better off in the new scheme. Thats not to say that the new scheme is a bad one - but in trying to cope with more flexible "modern careers" it almost certainly will not benefit anyone who is going to get the Jubilee Medal.
  4. Apparently the MOD has admitted to a huge disability pension f*#k up. Since 1953 it has been charging tax on these pensions. It has taken some Major years to go through the appeals process and then into the civilian courts to prove it. (I have all this by word of mouth). If this is the case then the defence budget could take a huge hit.

    Interesting timing though - If Gordon Brown was thinking of chopping the defence vote then I could see that being a less than popular decision.

    Anyone heard anything similar?
  5. ???So what is a stakeholder pension scheme then?  I got the info pack from Scottish widows but as it was not organised with a Regimental Cover plus Flags A-Z and 1-20 accross the top I didn't understand it!

    A more simplified  explanation would be much appreciated  - Sah!
  6. Its only 3 years mate. They have pensionable service from 21, we are from18. But the point made s a cracker considering Captain at 16 years gets more than a WO2 at 22 years. Inequality or just another 'Cradle to the grave-keep them in the comfort to which they have become accustemed' mentality.
    By the way wasn't it the Tories who said we should be aiming to live in a class free society !!!
  7. Its only 3 years if we had officers serving at age 18 most are still in Uni at that time.