I have signed off this week and will get out after 10rs 8 months of service. Unable to get a straight answer out of my clerks about the issue of the so called 12 year half pension. Have I seen myself off massively by getting out now, is there a massive benefit in waiting to get out at the 12 year point?

Also are mil pensions transferrable to police pensions in anyway shape or form?

Any help would be appreciated as Im not getting much help at work!
You seem to have shot yourself in the foot. You'll not get 12.5 years benefit if you leave after 10.
Just did a quick look on the pensions calculator - made up dates to match yours and as a Sgt Lower L2 on discharge:

Pension at 60 - around £1300 diff, term grant at 60 - about £1800, pension @65 - minimal, grant - same. By leaving prior to your 12, you forego the Resettlement Grant of £9841.

Think pensions are transferable but have no idea of comparative values and what you might lose.

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