Pensions. You're havin a laugh!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by straitjacket, Jun 22, 2003.

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  1. It's not funny at all but what can we do about it? The Labour Gov will do it anyway so looks like we may need a "Refuse to Solider Day" to make our feelings known.
  2. i dont get it does it mean now we can all be a squaddie till 55?
  3. C*NTS!

    Yet again, our original Terms of Service being steadily eroded....

    Will this apply to those newly joining-up? Or if not, do I now have a job until I'm 55?

    [​IMG] You sorry-assed fcukin' w*nkers...I sincerely hope you are kicked out in the next general election - you dirty little communist bástards.....[​IMG]


  4. No, it just means you can`t get your pension untill you`re 55 and you won`t get a full pension `till you`re 65 .

    I think they call it "modernisation" !

    It stinks !
  5. But I signed up for (and only intend doing) 22years. It's a legal contract. It must be because I went AWOL for a few days in my younger and foolish childhood and was jailed for it. I broke my contract and was punished. Rightly so.
    But I did not sign up for 37 years! So can they change the terms of service to those approaching 22 years (2 and a half left)? Surely Not!
  6. Q: If Tony Bliar can bin the British Constitution without consulting the 56 million people of Britain, how do think he feels about what he can do to less than 200,000?

    A: What he bloddy well likes!

    Don't call him cnut - he has neither the depth nor warmth to satisfy.
  7. :mad: You may note that this is the first time I have joined this site (and excellent it is too), but I have NEVER been quite as pi##ed off as I am this evening.
    I have stayed in the army as long as I have for one reason and one alone, and that is to be able to collect my pension (or at leat a 1/3 of it) when I leave at 37. As a result, I have missed out on the opportunity to make the move into civi-street at an age when the transition would be slightly easier. How can this buch of idiots get away with this, if indeed the story is true?
    We signed a contract and now we are being fu~~ed over by them. There must be a case for legal action here? Failing that, roll on the revolution - Eagle, I'm with you all the way on this one!
  8. Excellent answer SJ.  Maybe you should instruct your solictor to take the MOD to court, ref them breaking your contract, seeing as they stuck to it when you went AWOL.   Try and claw back whatever you lost life wise.

    They or the Gov just can't change the rules willy-fcuking-nilly.

    Won't be long before the Army is privatised/disbanded/PLC.
  9. Did you vote Labour, soz NEW Labour last time?  I'm sure some on this site will disagree, but would the Conservatives have done this.  Anywhoooo, I don't care cos they get my vote on the next general election anyway.  Up yours Bliarwitch.  You've delievered nothing that I've noticed/made my life better.  Waanker.
  10. Guys, calm down.  This story (if true) cannot affect those already serving.  If Bliar and the rest of those incompetent f&*kwits he calls a government tried to pull a stroke like this, they would get rogered so badly they would think King Kong had rolled them over.  

    And why do I think this.  Well, as some have already alluded to, we have signed our contracts and they cannot be changed without the consent of both parties.  Those who join up AFTER (and if) the pension scheme is changed will be the poor b'stards getting reamed.  

    But, I hear the sceptical out there cry, they're tearing up the constitution with nary a thought of consultation and coherent plan in place! (Brilliant plan by the way Tone, get rid of the Lord Chancellor, replace him with a different bloke who will do a different job.....what do you mean he has to do all the same work as the old one?  Oh well, we are still going to replace the Lord Chancellor with a Supreme Justice [which will function how??] It just goes to show, those jokers couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery, even if given a map, transport, the keys to it and instructions on how to get pissed!  But I digress!).

    The difference here is (and you will love the irony of this!).........our contract rights are protected by the very EU laws that Bliar and his drooling idiots have forced upon us!  (Oh no, we are undone by our own tools!)

    The wicked witch herself would take up our cause (making a tidy bundle at the same time, but you can't have everything) and we would enjoy the biggest victory since Harrow beat Eton 24-0 !

    Speaking of the Lord Chancellor and government, as I was, I don't imagine the thought had crossed the minds of those in the Department of Exchequor that if they did away with old Derry's pension, and that of all politicians who don't do 40 years in Parliament, they would probably save even more than the current proposals?  I didn't think so.  Isn't that surprising?
  11. Can't see them being allowed to treat the 'still serving' in this appaling manner, but if they do, I know I good line in employment law solicitors if anyone is interested.  All down to contracts my friends, all down to contracts and we have them over a barrel, well some of us do at least. Remember also that many ex serving don't see 55, so there's a tidy saving for the vultures who govern this country, just as a bonus to this 'planned' move..

    They may try to sneak in a ruling for those who are currently on the minimum engagements, just in case those in that category decide that they actually like the Army and want to sign on for some more later.  I don't think that those concerned in this instance would have much in the way to stand on should it come to a bun fight with the bean counters.

    Doubt that OR's will get an age 55 yrs contract to compensate.  I also doubt that any decision the Government do make will have much of an effect upon recruiting.  That was mentioned when they did away with our hospitals.  Had no effect at all.  Recruiting was low (and still is despite what the Soldier Mag pumps out) then, due to the lack of interest in military life from the 'yoof'.

    As for the emergency services, they already had the Police over in September '94.  If you had joined the police before that date, you were entitled to rent free allowance or mortgage assistance.  Those who joined after, got Sweet Fanny Adams.  Had no real effect upon recruitment.  Police recruitment was on a downward slope then, for exactly the same reasons as there was a lack of interest in service life.  Mind you, they still turn a lot of applicants away today, so there is at least some evidence that the non qualification for allowances had no effect on those joining.  What you don't won't miss.

    So Tony, which way is it going to be as far as the 'still serving' are concerned?   Personally, I've got the option to f*ck off before he brings his plan into action, so I'll have no qualms whatsoever of 'taking the money and running'.   I'll also qualify for his £3K education grant (hope you all registered lads!  If not, do so soon) and I'll have that away to 'civvy strasse' as well.

    I never thought I'd ever say this, but roll on the next Tory Government.  They may have been a bunch of tw*ts in the past, but at least they looked after us.

    Don't think for a minute that this won't happen.  They've already made thier minds up.  The information leaked is only to soften the blow.  Look at the 'rumoured' disbandment of the R IRISH Home Service.  There'll be a lot of shouting in the Commons tomorrow, but after that, it's yesterdays news.  

    They'll say that the money will go towards the usual agencies, hospitals, schools etc.  But we'll still be allowing the 'NHS tourists' to abuse our health system at the our expense, because doctors are afraid to ask for the 'patients' country of birth.  We'll still pay towards setting up ludicrous planned highway systems.  We'll still bail out 'privatised' companies..........and we'll still see politicians grant themselves nice little earners.  The House of Lords will still whine about the loss of Derry Irvine's post and others....... and Tommy Atkins will still soldier on.

    Wonder how many are due to finish thier 22 or 16 yr contracts in 2004?   I believe that we'll see another exodus, but we had that in 94 with redundancies.  Had no effect on the job, apart from those experienced lads who left, were replaced by tossers.  

    I did hear recently that a serving Colnel, had suggested quite recently, that we should all be given just £2k gratuity when we leave the service after our time is up.
    He's still in.  He's more than likely being listened to as well.   The MoD are hoping to negotiate?  Is that meant to make us all feel better or something?   They ain't negotiating sh*t.   It won't effect their benefits.

    It will happen troops, so you can threaten to leave all you wish.  Nobody gives a sh*t and that's the truth.

    They've had this one planned for a long time, but were too scared to implement it before the Fire Strike/GW2.......for obvious reasons.  We've been had folks.  Good and proper.  Now we've got to eat sh*t, because some of the FFs who posted here a while ago, during thier drama, were right.  Blair has used us and now we look like a right bunch of Charlies.

    Right now, I'd pay a small fortune to witness a 'dark alley' encounter between Gen Jackson and that c*nt Brown.

    Someone mentioned to me last week that it's costing about £100k per month to keep the Millenium Dome open.  Revolution anyone?
  12. El_Gringo.
    Not being argumentative or anything but the when Pay2000 come in I ended up losing money even though they said no-one would. How? Simple. I did not get the £7 pound a day pay rise I would have got with the old system when I was promoted Cpl to Sgt. I got £1.20. Therefore (and no-one will ever convince me otherwise) I lost money.
    I will not throw my teddy in the corner and sign off but I ain't going to be too pleased until this is clarified one way or the other.
    Like I said, this isn't saying or even implying you are wrong (I hope you are correct) but this does need to be addressed at the highest levels and then passed back down the chain asap.
  13. Straitjacket, couldn't agree more mate.  I am all too aware of what a stitch up pay (less) 2000 was.  Strange how they couldn't work out everyones seniority at the start, putting everyone on the 4 year band, but they know exactly when your 4 years in rank is - weird.  Not that it was a money saving exercise. Perish the thought.  We all know how the government value us (two faced lying ghets f&*cking stab us in the back all the time!)

    Sorry for the slightly flippant posting in this thread earlier.  Having sat down and thought about it, its bloody scarey!  I've got less the 4 years left, so if it becomes a worst case scenario, me (and plenty of others) will be stuffed if they don't at least allow us to soldier on for a full 37.  Now personally, doing 37 doesn't bother me, but I'm damn sure it will bother a lot of people who signed a contract for 22 years which specifically stated they would begin drawing a pension at the end of said 22 years.

    You don't think the Fire Brigade are going to be any more pleased than us about it do you? And as for Plod, you should go to the site mentioned by slackjack in the post before yours - they are seriously pissed about this.  (Small wonder - they contribute to their scheme and lets be honest, they do have a stressful job).  Add to that every civil servant, doctor, nurse, teacher, council worker are talking a lot of people.  

    I don't think the government (or anyone else for that matter) have realised what a time bomb they might be making for themselves.  Poll tax riots?  Sunday school compared to this.  This will appall and scare people across the political boundaries. Everyone looks forward to retirement.  And as someone else mentioned, a lot of soldiers (I'ver been told it is over 30%) actually die before they are 55 - that's a lot of pensions they don't pay already.  Imagine how many more will die if they have to stay in the Army for an extra 15? (I'm sure the infantry will love that!)

    It shouldn't take long for the press to point out the MP's get the best pension in the land, contribute sod all to it and don't do anything like 40 years for it (I have no idea how it takes to qualify for a full MP's pension, but I am bloody well going to find out!). Then there are the judges, sitting in their ivory towers (don't jail burglars etc!) getting a good whack too - as if they're poor in the first place.  (God, I hope and pray the tabloid press start batting this around and throwing some light on it! God bless 'em if they do!)  

    If the full facts do come out (and you can bet the govt will do their damndest to muddy the water and put as good a spin on it as they are able) then this is going to hit about 35% of the population.  that is a lot people to p1ss off!

    If they do try this, they are going to get a party revolution, just for starters. Party revolt over the Iraq conflict - chicken feed!  Look on the bright side, f they do this, their own party might revolt, vote against the government and there'll be an election which IDS and the Conservatives stand a decent chance of winning, if only IDS learns to speak and think coherently! Now then, where did I put the phone book......employment lawyers, yes, here it is.....