Pensions - you never know!

50 Hours per week?

So this cut in MTD's is just a mirage then?

Excellent, I shall bring this up with the PSAO and SB  :mad:

If you've spent most of your TA career on FTRS , then yes, you should have some pension rights I believe.

But are we actually contributing to a pension fund at the moment? Let me go check me payslip...
No you are not.

TA service is non-pensionable.

However I like the idea that in line with other part timers we may be entitled to one. Will it be retrospctive?

I think not.

There is a way of getting a pension already:

While on duty, crash car in to tree, get rescued by FFs (RETAINED, SO NO GUILT FOR HATING STRIKERS), then you are entitled to a Disability pension.

Trouble is is that you also have to stop playing soldiers, all very sad.
I raised the issue of TA pensions via my MP and got the usual guff back from Spellar.  I don't think I threw it away in disgust - I'll try to find it and post it here.

What you have to remember is that throughout history the MoD (and its previous incarnations) has a default setting of "NO" when it comes to benefits for service personnel.

Incidentally, I have set up a separate personal pension for my TA income. Because the Taxman recognises it as "non-pensionable income" you can apply for tax relief in addition to any employer's scheme.

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