Pensions with re-enlistment

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Needles, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I've been out of the army for just over three years and I'm considerring coming back in. I'm not sure how this affects my pension though. Do I have to make up my lost three years or would I only receive 19/22 of the pension. If anyone had the answers to these questions, it would be mych appreciated.


  2. If you left as an AFPS 75 member with less than 22 years service you will have been awarded a preserved pension and lump sum, payable at age 60 for service up to 5 April 2006 and age 65 for service after that date. On rejoining you will (at the moment) have to join AFPS 05. It will be up to you whether to leave your AFPS 75 benefits in that scheme or ask for them to be aggregated with you new service. AFPS 05 has a preserved pension age of 65 for all benefits, so you will need to bear that in mind.

    If you left as an AFPS 05 member your pension and lump sum will have been preserved to age 65. If you had reached at least age 40 AND had given at least 18 years service you would have qualified for Early Departure Payment benefits. These will stop when you rejoin. If you rejoin AFPS 05 you can carry on building up service towards EDP - if you are an RFPS member you cannot.

    I hope this is helpful. If you need something more specific, join the FPS and we will help. If you join on line quote 'FPS2011' to qualify for a cheque towards an ABTA holiday.
  3. Hi, FPS
    i too rejoined 5 yrs ago now and am on Pen 75 and was previously,does my new service count towards an accumulated Pen 75 (inclusive of previous and current service!) ??
  4. Hi BB,

    FPS's reply was a bit vague for me. Can I ask, how long were you out for and do you have to make that time up? Or, do you still finish at your original 22 year point?

  5. Sounds as if you just got under the wire before AFPS 75 closed. Your earlier service would have resulted in a preserved pension and lump sum payable at age 60. You can either leave it where it is or ask for it to be joined with your new service (aggregation). The advantage of this is that your preserved pension and lump sum will increase by RPI until 2010 and CPI thereafter but if you choose to aggregate your years of reckonable service will count in your current rank which reflects your current rate of pay. The only time SPVA will make the aggregation decision for you is if you die before the pension comes into payment and, in those circumstances, they will work out what is best for your dependants.

    I hope this helps. Again, as I said to Needles, if you want something more specific, you might like to join FPS and my colleagues at Vauxhall will help.
  6. Will it be made of walnut?
  7. Just one quick point of clarification BB, I made the assumption that your previous service gave you at least two years reckonable service after age 18 for an OR or 21 for an officer. If you didn't have two years or more reckonable service you would not have a preserved pension and lump sum to aggregate.