Pensions to be hit by the Government

It was so refreshing to read the times today, stating that the government are likely to adhere to proposals by an out of touch lacky to steal even more money from the heroes of this nation who put their lives on the line every day.

It is a very bitter pill to swallow that a government who have broken nearly every manifesto pledge thus far to sieze power are now considering the additional revenue they would make by flogging the military do do so.

Hats off to every serving member out there who will suffer under this co ed Government, when they slash the pensions for MP's along with expenses they swindle and sack bonuses for bankers who dropped us in this mess then perhaps start looking at the heroes of this nation to give over their hard earned cash, the same heroes that the government expect to die to provide security by sacrificing their lives..

Every military serving person should be exempt tax while on operations......just like the Americans...

America, for all its faults...certainly knows how to look after it's heroes!!!

Rant over

Ear defenders fitted
Completely agree M_B. It's sickening, but look on the bright side, I see that Beckham takes his kids to visit children in hospital.... how selfless is that! I'm sure it's nothing to do with some sort of bid for a future Knighthood in this toilet of a country...
Got to save money somewhere and pensions are an easy target.

On the negative side of your post, not everyone in the forces is a 'hero'.
MB - the retirement age of 65 was picked by von Bismark back before WW1 as a retirement age and everyone else copied him.

At the time, the average life expectancy was 61.5 years. Now, men and women in the UK are expected to live until 79 and 82 respectively and the over 65s make up 12% of the population. This is expected to hit the 25% mark in 2034.

So what the **** do you expect to happen? The pension status quo is not an option and the armed forces, along with everyone else, is going to experience change in a bad way as a consequence.

You come across as a dole chav who has no idea where money actually comes from.

This is just sensible decision making driven by maths, as opposed to party politicing based on lies which is what we've had under the last lot.

Hope this helps your head stop wobbling.
Isn't it all just swings and roundabouts anyway??

As the available money (wages/pensions) reduce so will prices...............there is a point where we (the great unwashed) will not be able to pay inflated prices for fuel, food etc.
Never long as the bankers get btheir bonus eh.
As to the tax thing, IIRC the op bonus (2k+) was designed to be the amount of tax paid by a pte soldier on a 6m deployment. Its now doubled, seems like it would cover my taxes for 6m.
It always makes me smile when those with right wing views on things like Social Security payments and the welfare state suddenly turn redder than Lenin when it comes to Barclays, which didn't take a penny of public money, paying it's employees however it sees fit.

I think Marx had it right: you work, you get paid and any savings are, in effect, stored labour.

Depending how long you are expecting to live off that store, and that is now quite a long time, you either need to make the store larger or, when you come to live off it, use a lot less.

I think poverty is going to become a big feature for two 'classes' - the working poor and the state pensioned elderly.

The 'doleys' will always be OK because the limits are set for them, so the urban estate dwellers won't do too badly.

But out in the market towns and their surrounds I can see things already getting very tight.

I know a few people who have started walking several miles to work/shopping and back again, others turning their central heating off and relying on open fires, much more 'one-pot' cooking to save money and even a few using horses and ponies (sp) as day-to-day transport.

Nothing drastic, but a steady drip of people becoming skint.
Ho ho micawber, nice response, abrasive...nerve exposed?

Dole Chav I am not, I know where the green comes from, I also know where it is soaked up, please be polite and note that my concern is for our armed forces!!

If you really take note of the theme of my post you would understand that everyone who has ever served on operations at some point has been exposed to the possibility of never returning!!

No other public service loses so many employees like the armed forces on an almost daily basis!!

Should not this be recognised??

You obviously have no concept of this!

Good afternoon to you

Ear defence still fitted
If you really take note of the theme of my post you would understand that everyone who has ever served on operations at some point has been exposed to the possibility of never returning!!

No other public service loses so many employees like the armed forces on an almost daily basis!!

Should not this be recognised??
It is recognised, you hysterical schoolgirl, that's why service people get paid and get a pension after 22 years which is more that you'll get working for Tesco.

But members of the armed services are also members of society at large and are therefore subject to the same financial stresses and strains as everyone else.

If you think they should have a pay rise, then campaign for one, but the pension thing is just cold, hard, maths as outlined above.
Sitting on the touchline here watching the ding dong between M_B and Micawber, makes you proud to be British.

I've got a Forces pension, I'm over 55 and I'll get another (lot smaller) pension in a few years. I know that the gelt will have to keep Mrs Chance in frilly knickers for the rest of her natural so I've been in the fortunate position to have saved a bit for that.

I've been in shell scrapes, some MF has shot in my general direction on more than one occasion and my gaff got bombed many years ago when we were in it so I've "been around a bit".

Life's going to get harder, we all know that, we just get on with it.

I'd have a rant about bankers and their bonuses but the outrage bus is due along presently.
Although I am grateful for your concern MB, I am under no illusion about the state of the finances of this once great nation. Would I like a better deal - Yes. Am I crying about my current deal - No. Am I blaming the current lot for trying very hard to drag the country out of the pile of steaming shit the last lot left it in - No. If you want a target for your bile, there can be only one - A certain dung-beetle by the name of Gordon Brown.
Hmmm, you are missing the point totally micawbert, indeed the military get paid and a pension after 22 years...

Not seen any mine clearance or gsw in the fresh produce isle in tesco recently..

What I have been trying to point out, despite you rude remarks and name calling, is that no other public sector worker has to disappear from his family for 6 months to get shot at or blown up. This permits the rest of society to go about their business with peace of mind, the government is trying to instill a quick fix to recover a deficit, that I believe should not come from military personnel. That is my opinion..... For which boards like this were created.

I certainly still consider the armed forces should be off limits in their cash recovery due to what is asked of them.

It strikes me from your comments that you consider the armed forces to be
just normal people, I disagree, what they undertake and burden for the benefit of the remainder of the country justifies the covenant.

Last time I looked there were no council workers, bankers, plumbers or any other trade worker in headly court having new legs fitted!

Now, I feel I have been quite polite in my view, and have expressed my opinion (for what it is worth), by all means disagree but try and be civil.

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