pensions payments disruption possible

The pensions dept at Glasgow MOD was privatized years ago.
Since then it has changed hands, and is now part of the same American company that brought you the great NHS computer system cock up!
someone gave them the contract to run your pension!
This bunch of thrusting US business champions has been fined for the NHS fiasco-so guess how they are going to pay the fine-correct.
They are cutting conditions and offering well below inflation pay settlements to the staff who make sure you get your pensions on time and correctly.
they have to max profits to pay their fine.
They could be said perhaps to be offering similar to the opposite of that great moonlighting episode where the team of the blue moon detective agency go on strike for more pay and less work.
The workforce at the mod dept (pensions)has just issued the 4 day intent to strike notice,I understand.
This may affect your pensions payments.
The parent company wont be perhaps as interested in the limey vets problems as much as they might GIs.
No senators to complain.
Look into it and protect yourselves from problems.
The union involved(I am no union lover) says it is just trying to keep pay and conditions the same, and the offer so far doesn't do that.
The quicker the govt and ex military make their views felt-the quicker you can get normal service returned.
The serving military who are co located with the civilians in the dept concerned can not of course do anything, nor say anything- but questions from you and /or MPS can be answered.
Apparently, American multi-national CSC took over pay n pensions in Nov 12 after the world famous NHS computer contract and its problems that resulted in a fine being imposed on the company.
Staff at SPVA the majority who are reportedly paid £7-10K less that UK average wage, are taking 4 day strike action which could mean June pay not in.
Thats it-I have passed on the whispers.
Not involved myself as only did short service so no pension,but don't want you lot to get caught out.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggrrrrrrgggggggggggg.....ARrrgggghhhhhhhhhh.......aarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.............I'm so ****ing angry about this. So I am.

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