Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by FredWest, Oct 10, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone explian as to why the AFPAA charge £150 plus VAT (£176.25) for a CETV on Divorce when my Wife gets hers for nothing from her Emploter?

    Would be interesting to know.
  2. Because they take great delight in fcuking you :)
  3. Under Government legislation pension providers are allowed to charge for this service as you cannot bill the taxpayer for what is a personal expense.
    Its also a different forecast than the one you would receive off Unicom as it details divorce figures.. ie what would be awarded at 20% etc.

    £150 is quite cheap in all honesty, some companies charge in excess of £400 for this service.

    If you want the POD forecast explained to your its possibly another £75 charge, and then around £300 to set up your earmarking or sharing order.

    These are not AFPAA charges, this is the MOD's charge which was there long before "AFPAA" and EDS.
  4. 150 quid for doing what exactly?
  5. Thanks Porkiechop, still feels like I've been Dry Bummed. I presume the Dragon is gonna get the same thing as me for nothing and MoD charges £176.25, it's not really the charge, it's the gloating that gets me. She sits on her fat fcuking Arrse working 20 hours a week, in a house I pay for, takes my Child Support Money (none of it goes to my children), for the money she gets from me, they should be dressed in Armani, but no she buys George at Asda and the rest goes for her nights out.

    It just feels like the man gets Dry Bummed all the way to the bank. She gets Legal Aid, I have to pay a Solicitor (over £2500 so far), she pulls in more money than me (Child Tax Credit, Working Families Tax Credit, her Salary and my CSA Dosh), nearly £2000 clear each month, she doesn't pay the mortgage and tomorrow when we go to Court, she's expecting the Judge just to give her the house becuase she's a lowly single mum, well she's not, she's a loaded fat munter, who can't be Arrsed to get a full time job becuase it would mean her losing money.

    Her Solicitor has told her my Pension is gonna be worth tens of thousands of pounds, I've got 12 and a half years RMS, left in Oct 2002, so she thinks that the judge is gonna say, "right Fred, you've worked your Arrse off, got this £150,000 house, I'm gonna give it to Rose and you can keep your pension, oh, by the way you're not gonna see any money until you're 60 - 65", so all I'm gonna ask for is for him to give me a reach around as he does it.

    I've been more than fair with the woman, I've offered her a 60 - 40 split in her favour with the pension or a 65 - 35 no pension, when my youngest becomes and Adult.

    I'll now get off the Soap Box.
  6. Talking about getting Dry Bummed. A pal who is a WO2 is soon to get divorced, by mutual agreement. will he have to give her half of his pension as a kid is involved. or can there be an agreement to say "you keep the house and I keep my pension". or can she use the law to feck him over twice.
  7. My brother went though this rigmarole when he was divorced.

    That was 12 years ago and of course he is still shelling out dosh every month to keep her in fags and booze.

    He should have just killed her 12 years ago, He would be out and debt free by now.

    Just a thought :twisted:
  8. you dont understand how much i sympathise, you do nothing but support and that is the thanks u get. and women wonder why blokes dont trust em. marriage is now an institution where u may as well hand over half of everything you have worked hard for cos its gonna go in the end. yes, its happened to me before, and its happening again paying off some young chick that i wasnt married to but lived with me for a year without contributing. makes me vomit........... :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  9. good point, i cant say it hasnt crossed my mind, does this make me a bad man!! :D
  10. "the judge is gonna sayright Fred, you've worked your Arrse off, got this £150,000 house, I'm gonna give it to Rose and you can keep your pension, oh, by the way you're not gonna see any money until you're 60 - 65"

    Oddly, 2 years ago on a wet Fri afternoon in Penzance thats exactly what the Judge said to me.....I later found out that he was annoyed that we had kept him waiting as we were arguing over the settlement and he was forced to tee off late at the golf course...knob!
  11. Wahay, got my CETV, I'm well and truely fecked

    I've got 12 years, 213 days RMS, I thought you know, 12 years, how much could it be worth, 12 - 15k, it's jack sh!t, but no, the Army just keep on fcuking you, there's £38,693 in the Pot, she's gonna have a right smile on her fcuking face tomorrow, in court at 1515hrs. See that light in the distance, it's the bathroom light as my house is pulled away from me, ouch my Arrse hurts!!!!!!

    I guess you'll all want to know how I got on eh? See how much bigger my Arrse can get.
  12. FooBoy,

    She can use the law to feck him over twice!!
  13. Fredwest, best of luck mate. hope the judge has just been f*cked over by his missus and has no sympathy for the lazy spongeing waster!

    has she got a car? if she wins, go and buy a £30 set of locking wheelnuts from Halfords. go in the night and swap one nut on each wheel for a locking one. then slash the b*tch's tyres. you can then sit and laugh maniacally as you imagine her trying to sort that f*cker out. not much compensation but it might help how you feel ;)
  14. come on fred, how did it go?
  15. Hes too busy changing a set of locking wheelnuts to answer :wink: