Pensions - MoD loses; unmarried ex partners ARE entitled.

In 15 plus she couldn't be arsed to get divorced?
I suppose the 50, 000 pension made the fight worthwhile
FFS. Cue a deluge of claims from gopping, obese golddiggers all trying to get a share of their squaddie ex's pension because they're entitled, innit?
Is it that odious to just get f*cking married?

As I've said to many of these dipsh*ts.

All well and good telling me you love each other, you've got kids so you must be serious, church weddings are old-fashioned and/or too expensive...etc.

£50 for a registry office do, Inc certificate.

No confusions then is there. You've actually committed to each other. You even get a quarter.

In this case £37 would buy a divorce from the husband.

Can these women claim inheritance from their husbands too? Note that their not ex-husbands.