Pensions for persons whose service started in '75?

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by graeme838, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. Before I go digging deeper for information, can someone quickly clarify whether the rules for pension entitlement are different for those of us who joined up earlier than the '75 changes? I joined mans service from (AAC Arborfield as a boy soldier) in July 1975, and always thought that my pension was payable from age 55 (ie last month)?

  2. According to the table that compares the 3 pensions, the '75 pensions normal pension age is 55 (prior to change) so if you are on that pension scheme you should be drawing your pension.
  3. if you joined in 1975 and did less than 22 years I think your pension starts when you are aged 60 unless you make a claim on medical grounds that you are now too sick to work
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    Nope. Depending on length of service you could be entitled to a pension from the age of 60 but you must apply for it. You don't have to dig deep just look at Veterans-UK and ring the free help line.
  6. its paid at 55 to people who joined aged 18 and have done the full 37 years less than 22 get it at age 60 unless sick then you can claim earlier I did
  7. Thanks for all the replies - I'll contact Veterans UK.
  8. You rightly say that if you left before 1975, there was no such thing as a preserved pension.

    Your pension started to build up from July 1975 and, if you left before April 1978 you had to be age 26 or over and have 5 yrs service from age 18.

    If you left after April 1978 the age qualification was dropped but the 5 yr qualifying period remained.

    In April 1988 the 5 yr qualification period was reduced to 2 yrs.

    These preserved pensions are payable at age 60 and, as other posters have advised, you need to write to SPVA claiming your preserved pension. It is a good idea to make initial contact about six months before your 60th birthday to let SPVA recall the file regarding your service and ask for any additional information they might need.
  9. The one thing people have not spoken of, is you can get the pension at any age after you leave if you are too sick to work.

    I applied for mine 2 years after I left and had I think 17 years of service I first had letter from GP with details of my ill health they then contacted the 2 drs at hospital who where dealing with me and the reports from them where good enough to deal with my claim I got the lump sum 3 times pension plus as it was at the time an index linked pension now its cpi linked.

    It was easier and quicker to claim than my War Pension which took two years from start to finish dla came in the middle.

    the pension rules are to get it paid out early you must be so sick you will not return to full time work.
  10. The preserved pension claiming has been covered and details are on the SPVA web link I posted before.

    From my own experience, rather than downloading the form and sending it off I'd ring the helpline and ask for them to post you the correct forms. I submitted the correct form only to have them return it with a new one (plus the losing of letters etc that occasionally happens) and after much tooing and froing they sent me another form and eventually my claim was allowed with it being backdated to my original claim date.

    Confusion arose intitially because the form you download is just to inform them you'd like to apply to receive a preserved pension early. The other forms you have to complete go over the details why and include permission for SPVA to contact your Dr.
  11. web links are a bugger for my screen reader so did not know it had been covered, I wonder how many people should be getting there pension early due to ill health was not the legion or war pensions I got the info from but father in law also ex forces

    I still have the original discharge letter with details of the pension but no mention of getting it early if sick
  12. This is a little known rule that is explained at the FAR briefings. If you leave with a preserved pension and are later unable to work due to physical or mental incapacity, you can claim your pension (plus pension increments) immediately, if your condition will not alter before preserved pension age.

    If you leave with a pension paid immediately, and you are in the above position, you can claim the pension increments which would not normally be payable until age 55.

    This rule applies to both AFPS 75 and AFPS 05.