Pensions Department slowness

Originally posted something along these lines in the AGC bit but the RMP couldn't help. :)

Anyway, been waiting for a CETV on my pension for divorce purposes for getting on 3 months now.

The only advice I ever get from pay staff, JPA helpline and the pensions on divorce booklet is to write to the pensions department.

This would seem reasonable, however, some sort of acknowledgment my application has been recieved would give both me and the solicitor that warm fuzzy feeling.

I have the impression that the POD dept is akin to a scene from Brazil (if you've seen it you'll know what I mean) and for all I know the civil servant employed there who is probably on a job share, long term sick temp replacement short term contract part timed manned office every other wednesday has been using my letter as emergency bog roll due to defence cuts.

In otherwords does anyone actaully do any work up there?

If it was the same situation with a private pensions company I would have all the figures I needed in writing within 14 days.

This situation is not acceptable.
I had a fcucking nightmare with them. Their remit is to answer your query within ten working days - I only wanted to know that they had received my paperwork and that it was correct (I didn't want a letter saying it was wrong just as I was about to leave the Service). They finally contacted me after I had phoned four times in one day to point out that the ten working days had been and gone. They informed me that I could complain about not having the reply at the 14 working day point and they would then hasten my reply. The upshot was, the paperwork was correct and it would be going through on time and my pension would be OK. What pi55ed me off was the cavalier attitude to the request, it would have been a really easy question to answer, it would have looked great on their stats that they had answered it in record time, but nope, they didn't see it that way. Their excuse, btw, was that there had been a huge rush of Gurkha pension requests so I guess it should be easier for them to address your question now.
After 3 months I'd fcuking hope so!

No one can give me a number to call, by letter only.

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