Pensions - Beware if you have disjointed Service!!

Discussion in 'REME' started by baldricksdad, Oct 27, 2011.

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  1. Don't know if anyone has covered this in the past.

    I recently wrote to the Service Personnel & Veterans Agency (SPVA) asking for a pension forecast as I am rapidly approaching my final 2years Service. The forecast I recieved basicaly told me I had no immediate pension available on my discharge date but would have a reserved pension. This, according to SPVA is because when I discharge I would not have completed 22 years Pensionable Service.

    I re-enlisted and have previous Pensionable Service, in my own tiny mind I thought SPVA would have automatically added the two periods together alas this is not the case.

    So to anyone who has disjointed Service, YOU have to personally write to SPVA asking for your periods of Pensionable Service to be amalgamated. If you don't do this you will not receive an immediate pension on discharge.

    I am currently debating whether to drop a line to Soldier/Cfn mag to get this highlighted......but I don't want to be crated so watch out for 'Name and address witheld'!!
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  2. Good Post, You would think in this day and age, they would join the two up automatically! I know afew mucker's in my Battalion who are re-joiners so i will let them know. Good luck and i hope they sort it for you soon.
  3. I would say that in this day and age that they don't amalgamate the two periods of service to intentionally catch people out and save themselves a few quid or is that me being cynical?

    So baldrick is it too late for you to get your periods added together? And do you have an address or contact at the SPVA you could share with those of us in a similar position?
  4. Naked ....I had a call earlier today telling me that they have amalgamated them and I should recieve an updated pension forecast in the post.

    For anyone want to amalgamate this is what I sent ...subect to changes for security!!

    Tri Service Pensions
    Mailpoint 480
    Kentigern House,
    65 Brown Street,
    G2 8EX


    1. I wish to request that the pensionable service I accrued between **/**/** to **/**/** be amalgamated with my current pension accrual.

    • Name:
    • Rank:
    • Number:
    • Potential Termination Date: ** *** ****
    • Enlistment Date: ** *** ****
    • Previous Service Dates ** *** **** until ** *** ****
    • National Insurance Number:
    • Date of Birth

    2. In **** I was advised that on completion of my service my Open Engagement pensionable service of ** years would automatically be added to the previous pensionable service I accrued in **-**, thus giving me 22yrs pensionable service.

    3. At no point has anyone ever advised me that I had to apply to the Service Personnel & Veterans Agency to have these two pensions amalgamated. This has only come to light as a result of asking for a recent pension forecast. As a result I have now ‘wasted’ my one free pension forecast for this year, I would ask if your department could put my mind at ease once the pensions have been amalgamated and provide me with another forecast detailing what I am eligible for as of my termination date ** *** ****.

    4. I aim to provide the REME monthly magazine with information which may affect soldiers who like me may not be aware that they have to write to you requesting the pension amalgamation. To that end if you have any vital information which would assist me in this article I would gladly receive it.

    Many thanks for your assistance in this matter.

    For those just wanting a free pension forecast (your entitled to one per 12 month period) send the following details to the same address requesting a pension forecast:

    • Name:
    • Rank:
    • Number:
    • Potential Termination Date:
    • Enlistment Date:
    • National Insurance Number:
    • Date of Birth
  5. Cheers B.D,

    I know quite a few blokes who are affected by this and I am sure I will meet many more over the next few years. Why is it that so many life changing/critical pieces of information are only stumbled upon by chatting to people in the mess bar or on Arsse instead of through official channels?
  6. This was punted down the chain a couple of months back and should have been published on orders. My unit ensures that anyone leaving with split service is aware and takes action as necessary.
  7. Well done to your unit but obviously the message hasn't gotten through to everyone or we wouldn't be having this conversation. I would suggest that someone at your unit discovered this snippet and was responsible enough to disseminate the information, just as B.D has been. My point was that the originators of any such policy should also ensure that there are adequate measures in place to make everyone affected aware of the situation at an appropriate moment such as during reenlistment.
  8. This is similar to adding an outside pension to your army one, it has to be done within the first year of service for some reason. Obviously this is only applicable to those who join up a bit later in life who may have contributed a couple of years in another scheme.
  9. Whilst some units (I wager very few) may have not passed this on via Part 1 Orders and thus totally failed their troops I would further suggest that the majority of soldiers who may whinge about this will not have read, digested and acted upon the direction passed down and published on Part 1 Orders.

    It would be good if a one liner warning about his was put on the free text space in pay statements too.

    That all said, I agree with the sentiment that SPVA and perhaps UAOs should run the necessary record of service checks and write directly to all concerned as should be there duty. This is too serious an issue to take risks with.
  10. Another top tip. Why only in the first year I wonder? There are a lot of older recruits joining at the minute, especially into our Corp. With a lot on their plate doing phase two training and trying to get to grips with life in the mob I doubt any of them even consider their pensions.
  11. Is it legal for them to do that?

    Most people would go spastic if they started making changes willy nilly to our pensions. Although on the re-join procedure it could be an option to let people know that they may have to write off.