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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by dan_brown, Sep 3, 2011.

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  1. A question for the pension gurus please:

    I have 3yrs 313 days Army Service - 3yrs and 1 day count towards my pension. I was British Army 1990 - 1994.

    I joined the RAF (Crab, ****** etc......:)) in 1997 and plan to complete 19yrs with them, giving me a total of 22yrs pensionable service. With the RAF i am on the 75 scheme

    With me so far?!

    My questions are:

    1. I do not know what pension scheme i was on with the Army (17 yr old sprog and wasn't interested then!) and having looked through all my paperwork i cannot find any mention of it. How do i find out?

    2. Will my army pension autmatically have been aggregated with my RAF pension?

    3. If it isn't aggregated, should i get it aggregated?

    4. With regards to redundancies, i may find myself in Tranche 2, although i now have 18yrs pensionable military service, i am concerned that the army 3yrs will not count.

    5. Any advice/recommendations?

    6. Anybody recommend someone to speak to (i am not a member of the FPS).

    Thank you.
  2. Mate - you may be lucky and have someone who knows enough to answer your other questions come along and give you a steer. If not, I think you've answered this one yourself. I've found FPS really helpful and paying them for a year's membership (I think it's about 30 quid) is a no brainer in your circumstances. Anyway, good luck in getting it sorted.

  3. I think FPS is the way to go - guess i just needed to hear it from someone else!! Thanks.
  4. You should speak to your PS Flt? Is it? Where your HR types are.

    If you joined and left in 90 - 94 I am pretty sure you will be on AFPS 75. Which I assume you still are on as you have not mentioned changiing to AFPS 05.

    It is an Armed Forces Pension so I would like to think your previous service with the Army has been tied up with your service as a RAFer, much like if you had joined the Army again. It should aggregated, and you should get it aggregated, otherwise you'd just have two pensions coming in when you are 60. If it is you'll have an immediate pension at 40ish.

    So speak to your PS Fliight and find out the crack. I think you will find that you are on for 18 years pensionable service. But I can't recall ever meeting someone before who swapped service. So ask, ask, ask away at your HR bods. They should be able to direct you to the office where your pensions are worked out if nothing else.
  5. Just one other thought: I think you should be able to check your pension service date on JPA under 'employee self-service'. If it shows a date about three years earlier than the date you sold out, lost all self respect and joined the crabs ;-) then I guess you'll be home and dry.

  6. It does - my terms of service with the lot i sold out to is 19yrs. So i will have completed 22yrs when i leave, but i am assuming that everthing has been aggregated etc and as i am only assuming i would like to get it clarified and nailed down while i still have time to do something about it!

  7. You should speak to your PS Flt? Is it? Where your HR types are. PSF yes - but mine are fecking useless.

    If you joined and left in 90 - 94 I am pretty sure you will be on AFPS 75. Which I assume you still are on as you have not mentioned changiing to AFPS 05 - yes, still on 75
  8. going to contact SPVA on Monday and ask the question. If i don't get the answe i'm hoping for i'll look at joining the FPS.
  9. I think you have the info you need. I believe everyone can apply annually for a forecast of their Terminal Benefits from SPVA, so you should do that. However, as we were briefed by FPS a couple of months ago, SPVA often get it wrong. You say you would like to get an answer from soemone else before asking FPS, which is a bit like saying you want an answer from someone who hasn't got a clue before asking someone who has. £30 will be worth it for peace of mind.
  10. In fact i think you can use the pension calculator, just count the time out when prompted.

    Like i say it is the armed forces pension not the army pension.
  11. Dan,

    I am in a similar situation. Ex-WRNS, now RAF.

    Your previous service will automatically count towards your pension and (if you admitted to it, gave them your SCs and previous service number) it will be reflected in your current service.

    Quickest way to check is probably ro check your date to leave the Service on JPA. I have signed to 22 but my date to leave is not my date of joining the RAF + 22 years, it is date I joined + 22 - WRNS time.

    If your local PSF are that bad, then JPAC may be able to offer advice, you should have received details of it on your offer to transfer to the new pension scheme. Mine noted different pension start dates and different total reckonable service amounts under the two schemes.

    Can't remember when I received the letters (I have 2) but they refer to my rank etc on 05 Apr 05 and they were sent by the OTT Service Centre, AFPAA, Centurion.
  12. thanks all
  13. If you are unsure about the aggregation stuff then you need to get in touch with JPA and you can get it done through them, I remember that you need to do it an amount of time before you put your chit in otherwise you could be caught out and only end up with 2 pensions at 65 which I guess would be a bit of a bummer! I am pretty sure that your TX date on your pay statements relates to whether you have had it aggregated or not but better safe than sorry
  14. I went the other way: RAF from 87 - 93 and then joined the Army in 97 (people might recognise who I am now,but never mind).

    When I was going through the process of joining the Army I made damned sure my RAF time counted towards my pension and that I only had to do 16 years in the Army.

    Job jobbed.

    ex-Q8287090, SAC Always On Jankers :)
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  15. AFPS 75 was the scheme you were entitled to be a member of during your earlier service. If you want your pension at what you have described as the 22 yr point you will need to aggregate or serve longer in the RAF. The three years you have preserved for your Army service will be based on your rank at the time - my guess is that your rank now is a good bit higher as is the pension code for that rank. That means aggregation is the thing to do (it normally is in every case). You are clearly concerned that, if made redundant, your early service will not count so drop SPVA a line today and ask them to aggregate the service. (The only time they will do it automatically is if you die before your pension is paid.) Aggregation must be done while you are still serving. The rules do not permit aggregation (other than the automatic aggregation I have mentioned) once you leave the Service.

    The new redundancy rules are set out in full on The Forces Pension Society website. This page is available to everyone and covers the change about pension being payable at the 18 yr point instead of the 12 yr point. If you have any further questions, join us and we will answer them all.

    I hope this is helpful.