Pensions and the German Taxman (finanzamt)

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by REMEWOTAJOKE, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. Due out in 2009 after my 22,settling in Germany,I've already brought my own house.Just want to know if I declare myself non-resident to UK taxman.Can the Germans try and tax my pension?
  2. Id be surprised if they cant. You have to pay tax somewhere!
  3. You will pay UK tax on your pension, but will not then have to pay German tax on it.
  4. I'm alot further away than Germany yet the IR fell about laughing when I tried the ol' 'Tax Exile' routine! :)
  5. Not 100% true I am afraid :cry:

    Went through this shite with the ubersturmsteuerdieb my self.

    What they do is add your pension onto your income, this is then taxed at a special rate called "Progessionsvorbehalt "

    From an earlier post on the same subject.

    Oh and I did win, still paid the progessionsvorbehalt bit but it was a LOT less then the fcukers tried to get in the first place.

    So the simple answer is "yes and no":) You don't actually pay "tax" on the pension but you do pay the bastards it is just not called tax.

    Cnuts the lot of them.