Pensions and Gratuities-advice needed

I have been told by a couple of mates who have gone through divorces that because our pensions and gratuities we get at the end of our service are non-contributory, they have had their solicitors argue that the wife hasn't been denied any quality of life because of earnings being diverted into them and so the wife has not recieved a penny of them once they split.

I would appreciate any input on this as to whether it can be done.
Ooh, this'll be a good one to, I was always told that your Mil salary was abated by 7.5% to help offset your pension.
I think you will find this has been done in the past, but she is entitiled to how many years you were married.
IE 10 years = 10/22ths of your pension. Something like that. Can't be arrsed looking.

The x factor and good luck with that argument you'll need it, if that’s true we would all be home free.
There are a couple of such cases but it does completely depend on the circumstances that they were currently in. Though it would not be so easy, but yes you can have it under some circumstances like your wife after splitting has been dependent on someone else. This could be done, but again the circumstances would play a major role here.

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