Pensioners Winter Fuel Payment - claims need to be in soon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fishfingers, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. Picked this up in the weekend paper and thought It might be timely to remind those who may be entitled to submit their claim forms soon. Or, you may know some old boy and his girl who could do with a bit of help filling the forms in. It's not charity, it's an entitlement.

    What is a Winter Fuel Payment?

    A Winter Fuel Payment is an annual payment to help people aged 60 and over with the costs of keeping warm this winter.

    If you are aged 60 to 79 and you are entitled to receive a Winter Fuel Payment, you will get either £100 or £200, depending on your circumstances in the qualifying week (17-23 September 2007).

    If you are aged 80 or over and you are entitled to a Winter Fuel Payment, you will get an extra £50 or £100, so you could get up to £300, depending on your circumstances in the qualifying week.

    You do not pay tax on Winter Fuel Payments.

    If you need to make a claim for a payment for winter 2007/08, you should return your claim form by 30 March 2008.

    As a result of pensions reform the minimum age at which both men and women will be able to receive a Winter Fuel Payment will rise incrementally to 65 between 2010 and 2020. There is a working assumption that it will rise again to 68 with the increase in State Pension age. Precise details of how the Winter Fuel Payment qualifying age will increase are yet to be finalised.

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  2. Thanks for that, have downloaded the form and will send it off to my dear old mum.
  3. I've done the same for all my aged contacts. 200 smackers shouldn't be sniffed at.