Pensioners 'face paying 60 per cent more' in tax merge

Pensioners 'face paying 60 per cent more' in tax merge
Tell me I am reading this wrong
Please !

"By Becky Barrow
Last updated at 1:01 AM on 22nd March 2011
Millions of pensioners face a tax hike of up to 60 per cent if the Government presses ahead with plans to merge income tax and National Insurance, experts said last night.
They warn the move would be ‘a massive blow’ for old people, particularly at a time in their life when they can least afford a bigger tax bill.
At present, nobody who has reached State pension age – currently 65 for men and just over 60 for women– has to pay National Insurance."

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Whoopedy Fxxxing Doo!!!!!! I am already having 51% of my uk aged pension deducted by the Australian govt, if I get to donate 60% as tax to the british tax office where am I supposed to get the extra!10% from?????


I'm 63 and stopped paying National Insurance several years ago on advice from a friend as I had paid the 30 years contributions in order to qualify for a state pension.

The following is taken from the "Qualifying for a state pension page":

How many qualifying years do you need?

The number of qualifying years you need for a full basic State Pension depends on your age and whether you're a man or a woman.

Men born before 6 April 1945 usually need 44 qualifying years.
Women born before 6 April 1950 usually need 39 qualifying years.
Men born on or after 6 April 1945 need 30 qualifying years.
Women born on or after 6 April 1950 need 30 qualifying years.

To find out more about the State Pension, you can download the leaflet 'State Pensions – Your guide'.

The link is as follows: Qualifying for a basic State Pension : Directgov - Pensions and retirement planning

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