Pensioner who used her handbag to fight off six hammer-wielding robbers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by old_bloke, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. "An incredibly brave pensioner who used her handbag to fight off six hammer-wielding robbers trying to break into a jewellers has said she was shocked that no one else did the same.
    The woman, who does not want to be named, fended off robbers armed with sledgehammers and her heroics were captured on video as the criminal gang tried to break into Michael Jones Jewellers in Northampton, yesterday morning.

    Read more:"

    That's why I'd have given it a miss right there. The place is insured and dead is dead.
  2. There's a sign up in my local fire brigade HQ, I cant recall its wording exactly but the spirit of the sign was:-

    'We'll risk out lives, trying our hardest to reduce the risk as much as we can, to save others.
    We'll not risk our lives to save property'

    Cant say I can argue with that. Why would I risk my life to save some shoddy store front goods. Better to call plod and take a few pics on the camera phone.
  3. Still, hats off to her though. A very brave lady.
  4. The biggest problem these criminals will have ist trying to restore their credibility after having been defeated by one whole lady. I can almost imagine their reception in prison at the start of their sentences.
  5. if any adult male had interfeered, he'd have his head split open now.

    definitely not worth it.

    once the granny got involved it was all over for them, even if they had no scruples and lashed out at her, people would get involved to help her.
  6. The police will be round in a few days to arrest her and charge her with assault.

    The scrotes will get reduced sentences due to the injuries and loss of dignity suffered.

    Hand-bags and vicious grannies will be added to the UK's list of prescribed weapons
  7. What an odd contrast.......
    To watch a single old lady take on a whole gang of thieving scrotes......... and then to read (presumably) big, grown-up men taking turn to tell us why they wouldn't have had her bottle....
    Fascinating! :D

    ‎'Better community reduces crime, CCTV does not'
  8. Interestingly, the article says that she initially waded in because she thought one guy was being attacked by the others. It wasn't till she got closer that she realized it was a smash-and-grab. By that time, the adrenalin was probably going too hard for her to stop.

    Good for her anyway.
  9. Gotta watch them sticky Grannies!
  10. I`ve taken on hoody scumbags in the recent past but am glad I wasn`t on the scene for this one. Would you attack 3 guys with baseball bats if you only have a tesco`s bag of shopping or a rolled up newspaper? I`d get a right bo****king from my wife if I did.

    If I were thinking quick enough I might take on the getaway riders who were unarmed and sitting ducks but I would want to have some sort of weapon. Different if I had a pal with me that I could rely on to help out. It would be hard to organise fellow by-standers to steam in with you. Be hard not getting stuck in though. A difficult call.

    Well done the old dear.
  11. Well she did get STUCK in :)

    Must admit the plastic plod (from the look of them) were a disgrace, doing absolutely nothing even when other passers by were holding one of the robbers down, typical of the absolute waste of space they are, another of the useless brainchilds of the former govt :-( If the Police have to trim down their numbers start with these pathetic morons, no one would miss them!! That would get rid of about 13,500 useless lumps of lard that are costing us a fortune for doing sweet FA and keep the real Police on the job, get rid of a few of the politically correct MANAGERS and cut down on all the pc, diversity concious, ethnic aware, umin rites protecting paperwork, and we might have a Police FORCE that actually deters and detects crime!!
  12. fecking spellchuck and fit fangers!
  13. Totaly. Would I have gone in to save some jewlers wares, no! Would I have done something to save a little old lady....yes. Well I like to think so at least.