Pensioner threatens to hand back medals

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by wet_blobby, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. Not saying he didn't do his bit but to me a war hero isn't someone who drives people and ammunition around. Every tom dick and harry is a war hero to today's media.

    NOTE: If I have upset any drivers, hand-wringers or walts who class themselves as war heroes then fucking tough luck.
  2. Hang on let me get this straight...If GB doesnt apologise then hes going to send his medals to him????

    That, Im sure, will make him see the error of his ways!
  3. Maybe GB will send the old codger a hand written letter of condolence.
  4. edited for being a sarcastic Tw@!
  5. Mr McGowan joined the Army in November 1939, aged 24, and was first posted to Egypt.

    There he was tasked with ferrying troops and ammunition as a driver, before going to the Balkans on attachment to a field ambulance division.

    But the British force was overwhelmed by the Nazis, and was forced back to Greece.

    He was then taken to Crete on board Royal Navy cruiser HMS Orion.

    Shortly afterwards the ship was bombed with the loss of around 300 lives.

    He was shipped to Syria, and then sent to relieve Australian forces at Tobruk, Libya, where he spent three months surrounded by enemy forces.

    He then went to Rangoon, but was called back after the city fell to the Japanese.

    After around two months in Burma he went to India, where he spent the rest of the war.

    He returned to Britain in July 1945, setting foot on home soil for the first time in nearly six years

    Read more:

    Do the full quote if you are going to...

    Crete wasn't a walk in the park, neither were other theatres and situations the old duffer was in, he served, thats enough.

    2nd bottle in so if I am over reacting deal with me tomorrow :)
  6. Well thats a fair old list, you would imagine with all that service his admin would be better squared away.
  7. Like I said, 2nd bottle n so if I'm on the wrong end of the stick fair away. The ex in law was at Crete and has a fair few tales to tell, it wasn't a picnic. lots of if only's...
  8. So he's a war hero for running away from the Germans in Crete?

    Or in this case, driving away in his truck.

    Not all WWII vets are war heroes. In fact probably less than 0.2%.

    Are you actually a real soldier?
  9. We all know nothing the British armed forces has ever done prior to 1988 can hold a candle to what the Parachute regt has done since then but, Greece, Crete, Tobruk and Burma. Poor fcuker has to make a stand somewhere. £300 to keep him warm isn't asking for much.
  10. Not any more just a STAB wannabe waiting for the April intake-and I'm sober now :wink:

    The 'take' is on the hero slant and your saying what actually gives him hero status, fine I can accept your point of view on that front. You are correct, in the true term he is or may not be a hero, to his family and friends he has probably earned that distinction in their minds. For the rest of the Country I cannot comment, all I know i that if not for his generation we would all be speaking another language etc. He served, thats good enough for me. I would support any serviceman past or present, it takes a good number of support troops to get the people at the sharp end where they need to be and keep them there. Something this present Government could do with remembering and honouring themselves.

    Nuff said,
    GW :)
  11. Agree 100% GW - Fallschirmjager... take your head out your arrse!

    6 solid years of hardship for his country!

    If i had it i would give him £300
  12. Shut up you fucking tube. Where did I say he isn't deserving of a degree of leniency in his case? Everyone who has ever wore a uniform is probably a war hero to you. War heroes to me are someone who simply didn't serve their country but someone who did something extraordinary which nearly all people would not have done.

    And would you really give him £300 if you had it? I don't think so. Think back to when you had some money. How much did you give to the 'Help the Heroes' charity?
  13. Ding Ding...POL up the outrage bus....
  14. Yes. Isn't it outrageous not to perceive all WWII vets as war heroes. Everyone is a war hero!