Pensioner mugged on way to husband’s graveside

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by carlbcfc, Aug 26, 2009.

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  1. This was on the local news here. What type of people do this?

  2. Sadly, while this is truely disgusting, it is not that uncommen in our green and pleasant land these days
  3. I demand that this piece of sh1t gets the full weight of the law thrown at him.

    His 11 week prison sentence should be suspended and he should be electronically monitored at home as he clearly has no means to pay his fine... That'll teach him!
  4. What a throbber... 11 weeks isn't nearly enough, Cut the ******* hands off.
  5. Once again the British Justice system falling on its arrse!

    I am getting sick and tired of seeing this sort of thing in the news. I feel it has all grown from the Liberal stance of activists who insist that you can teach kids whilst not instilling any basis of right and wrong, common morals have long been forgotten. Youth today have no concept of consequence and yet they are happy to carry out this kind of attrocity as they know they will only receive a slap on the wrist or a fashion accessory in the form of an electronic Tag!

    Why not tattoo cnut to their foreheads! This might persuade them from actually doing it in the first place!

    And as for an 11 week sentence? Has the judge seen the state of prisons recently? Its better than the majority of military barracks (those not converted to Z type or SLAM) and they have pretty much whatever they want. They often have better facilities than most NAFFIs which we have to pay for! Do they? I think not.

    Right Im off to rustle a Telegraph, hang on I dont have one Im in the dessert! Maybe these plebs should join us out here! they might learn something!
  6. To do this to a elderly lady visiting her husbands grave is totally disgraceful
    This chap is a total disgrace , Fourteen weeks sentence should mean fourteen years.
  7. It's a shame that we can't build a desert prison out in Helmand and export scum like this to serve their full sentence out there (after they have been given the maximum sentence allowed to the courts).

    That would be much more of a deterrent than the usual p1ss poor sentencing than is usually dished out to cnuts like this.
  8. I have studied the injuries to teh old dears face, and beleive that when the little scroate is caught, I can reproduce them.

    This is why the birch is needed.

    Put them up in the town centre, birch the living sh1t out of them and then just throw them to the floor. They can make their own way to the hospital.

    And the local rag should carry full details of the address of the scum.... might give some of these fcuk knuckles pause for thought.
  9. Fuck off Chubb. You've only just been banned, you fuckwit.
  10. Perhaps we should send them out to the desert and use them for mine clearance - that way they could do society some good and save the taxpayer a fortune.
  11. .....then release them in Helmand!
  12. I think it is a symptom of a failing society. You tend to get the behaviour that you reward.
  13. 14 weeks walking point as a mine detector with a slaman rushdie t-shirt on :twisted:
  14. If any of you know that Midland Metro route in Brum, it runs through Handsworth, where 90% of the scum that mug old ladies come from, they use the line on their "robbing route"
  15. Sadly this is true