Pensioner fined for knife in car - update

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by happybonzo, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. Remember the story about the caravanner pensioner who got nicked for having a Swiss Army Knife "for peeling fruit" in the glovebox?

    The story is out now - it wasn't a SAK - it was a lock-blade for which he had no good reason to carry in public, and he had made threats to use it offensively.

    Looks like he got off lightly - no wonder his brief advised him to plead guilty - something which I couldn't understand at the time.

    Here's the update: Police: Why we arrested disabled 'fruit knife' man

    and here's a review of the knife in question (as best I can identify it - the Buck Whitaker X-tract - a handy looking tool it must be said, but not one to leave in your glovebox, in case you have to peel some fruit!

    Buck xtract LINK

    with thanks to the Wildcamping forum
  2. "Knowles, an enthusiastic caravanner..."

    That in itself is grounds for a life sentence, although by the sound of it he'd probably enjoy being locked in a small room that you eat, shit and sleep in.
  3. Sorry, but I still think it's completely pump that Dibble can decide that I have no good reason to carry my Leatherman Wave on my person. Brought it to work recently, along with the bit driver set, as a colleague needed something fixed & wasn't the type to own a good range of screwdrivers.

    If I'd been stopped & searched on the journey Would I have been done even though the thing was in its case in my briefcase? I suppose it would've been on an arbitrary decsion of Plod as to whether I was giving him attitude...
  4. You should see my USN EOD divers knife - presented to me when I was working with septic EOD. I cant take it out of the house except in a locked box.
  5. Still sounds like some back-covering to me.

    If the bloke had threatened to kill or attack someone in the pub with a knife, then police should have arrested him for that and prosecuted him for that offence.

    As it was, they stopped him for suspected drink-driving, something he was not guilty of, and then searched his car presumably to try and find some offence.

    Using a knife as a weapon should be treated as attempted murder. Using a weapon in robbery or to threaten someone should be treated in same way as using a firearm. Carrying a reasonable sized penknife in a car or in your pocket should not constitute a crime.
  6. Having read some of the comments by those who claim to know the individual and his history and based on the knife in question and his alleged reason for having it "to cut up fruit" (which do not appear to correspond) it would seem that the police have, in this case acted in the public interest.

    Im all for criticism where it is due but it does not appear to be due here. One dangerous cnut given an appropriate slapping by the law!
  7. But given a slapping for the wrong reason, thereby making every boy-scout, handy-man and gardner a potential criminal.

    Love the picture by the way - it makes the knife look twice the size of the copper's head. The blade is actually about the size of your average fore-finger. Being a lock-knife makes it so much safer to use. The website about the knife is one of the longest descriptions of a knife/tool I have ever seen but curiously in the million and one ways of usibg the tool it fails to mention "stabbing people to death".

    The picture like the knife and the offence needs some perspective.
  8. I remember the days, pre Village People, when 'Fruit' meant something completely different.
  9. Which is not correct according to what the police officer said here:

    If the breathalyzer shows someone is over the legal drink drive limit then they have to arrest them. Similarly, if he made a threat to 'harm' someone
    with a knife then it's his fault for being stupid. Lastly, the knife in particular is illegal so the police must make an arrest. They don't pick and choose which regulations/laws to follow, much like what one would expect of anyone serving in the army.

    Right, what reputable company would seek to suggest to its customers that committing an act of murder is good for business?
  10. I suppouse if you sell fS daggers ideal for dispatching the queen's enemys
    foriegn and at home :twisted:

    you'd probably been in trouble :oops:
  11. It may be semantics but surely the police statement that the knife was illegal is incorrect. It was the fact the he had no good reason to have it in public place that was illegal. An important difference.
  12. The knife was kept in the glove compartment of his car. Private propery surely?
  13. Quite agreed...,I,m scared to take out a compo tin opener these days....And i once beat back a tribe of Cannibals with nothing more than a rolled copy of the Mail......I,d definitely go inside if I had my old Clasp knife out in public and was caught sharpenning a pencil!!!
  14. Not according to the law.
  15. Some one mentioned..."Serrated Edges are illegal"....what about the bread and meat the steak knives(For Steaks,funnily enough) and the one i cut the Xmas Turkey up with? They,re surrated....and i a criminal?