I asked about the Army Pension when I had my interview on Monday and was told they would post me some details along with some job specs, well the job specs arrived but there were no pension details.

I would quite like to read up on the Army pension soI know what I am getting after my 22.

Are there any likes or PDF's people can show me?
I did a quick Google search but didn’t seem to find anything.
That link is blocked :(

Sorry should have said I only really have net access at work and they seem to block MOD sites for some unknown reason.
Actually, to add to this -
I know the pension calculator is on the MOD site, but it doesn't really mention what Immeditate Pension (IP) is available after x time and rank. Just out of curiosity really, but I've heard that the IP at WO1 is circa £10k p/a - would this be liable for change dependant upon factors surrounding the rank, or is this the same across the board?

No real reason for asking, but have been thinking about it for a while for some reason.

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