Can anyone give me some advise. I wrote to the pensions people in Kentigern House, but did not receive a reply. Im in the process of making out my last will and testament. I was wondering would my daughter be entitled to a portion of my pension, if I put it in my will or would my pension stop automatically on my demise?
Alright K. you might want to try contacting "Paymaster" (see vets agency website for details) which i had to do to change some details.
you probably read this...but for anyone else....
Pensions / Compensation

Death occurs whilst Serving in HM Armed Forces

Stage 1.

All Deaths that occur whilst a person is Serving in HM Armed Forces are notified to Service Personnel and Veterans Agency normally within 24 hours of death.

Upon receipt of notification, we establish if there is a surviving adult dependant, this could be a widow, widower, civil partner or a partner of the opposite sex if they were in a substantial relationship at the time of death. We also establish if there are any eligible children.

Stage 2.

If it is established there is a surviving adult dependant and/or eligible child, we arrange for a War Pensions Welfare Officer to visit to assist in the completion of a pension claim form. The Welfare Officer will also offer advice regarding other benefits that may be available to claim.

Evidence is obtained to establish if Service was the predominant cause of death.

The type of evidence varies depending on the cause of death, for example:

if death is due to natural causes we would normally obtain the Service Medical Documents and any hospital records; or
if death is due to an accident we need to obtain details from the Commanding Officer and any board of enquiry reports.
Stage 3.

Once all the evidence is obtained clerical staff consider the case.

If an award of Survivors Guaranteed Payment (SGIP) and/or Childs Guaranteed Income Payment (CGIP) is appropriate, we obtain details of the deceased’s salary at the time of death and pension payments due to the widow, widower or partner. This information is obtained from the Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency (AFPAA)

Stage 4.

The amount we pay is calculated by multiplying the salary by a factor based on age at the time of death. 60% of that figure will be paid for the surviving adult dependant. The SGIP is reduced by any benefit paid under the Armed and Reserve Forces Pension Schemes by 75%. Please note any money due is taxable.

In addition we can also pay a Bereavement Grant of up to £20,000. If the deceased was a member of the AFPS75 Pension Scheme we can pay the full grant.

If the deceased was a member of the AFPS05 Pension Scheme and the salary was less than £20,000 we would pay the balance between the salary and £20,000. If the salary is more than £20,000 no Bereavement Grant is payable.

All decisions are notified in writing and we also notify Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency (AFPAA).

If you wish to make an enquiry about these procedures, timescales involved or any other related matter, please contact us

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