Hi, I am a reservist who is shortly due to go on tour. I'm not married, but have a long term girlfriend who I wish to be the beneficary of my pension if it all goes pear shaped. Now do I need to get a specific form to state that it ia a 'serious relationship' or can I just sort this out at Chillwell?

There is a specific form, Its called a marriage licence or you will have to have a legal civic partnership.
The law does not recognise a serious relationship.
except it did just that for the trooper killed in sierra leone - they were just engaged.

or did i dream it? certainly if you had her named as the main benificiary in your will and stated you wanted your pension rights assigned to her, it should give her some assistance if she does go for a legal battle...? but that is just the common sense view, not a legal view.
I don't know the details of the pension decision on that one but his partner was due to give birth within weeks and they were living together outside Hereford.

I would hope the military would support that relationship, but they are not obliged to.
If you are a reservist just being mobilised then you will be going on to AFPS05 which does recognise long term relationships providing they meet certain criteria. They pay staff at RTMC should elaborate.

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