Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by slopey_shoulders, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. This may have been done before however i am not going to trawl through pages to check. I signed to stay on the "original" pension (75), however i think i have made a mistake. i will have completed 15yrs next april and i am hoping to be promoted to sgt that june. If however i am unsuccessful then i dont think that i can stay in any longer(already maxed out for pay increments) as a cpl. Is there any way that i can reverse my decision?? any help/advice please
  2. Slopey,

    What is there to change? The old pension requires 22 years of adult service under your belt, and the new pension requires, IIRC, that you are 40 years old and have 18 years of service under your belt (so, if you join at 18, you cannot take your pension until you are 40, but you could join at 22 and leave at 40 with 18 years of service).

    I don't think you would be eligible for a pension under both sets of rules.

    I sympathise with your position but please consider your position carefully before you jump. Your pension at 40, or 22 years of service) is fairly valuable!

  3. You will only be allowed to change your decision if the information on which you based your original decision was inaccurate - ie the rate of pay your forecast was based on was wrong. Otherwise your original decision remains extant.

    Hope that helps!