Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by slimbo, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. Hi iv a Cpl high pay band level 7 iv done 13.5 yrs and about to be MD, could some 1 give me an idea what lum sum and yr pension i should receive. I'm being told 1 thing by my COC and SVPA another but no information except ill have to wait.

    Many thanks :cry:
  2. You should get a letter from SPVA giving you all the details. If it's an MD, only they can give you the answer.
  3. I have sent a PM.
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  4. Thats the problem got to wait another 2 months , just though some 1 might have a rough way of working it out as its nothing to do with the normal pension so i can start planing.
  5. Armed Forces Benefits & Pension Calculator
  6. Hi iv used this and got about 28ooo lump sum under 10k yr pension how ever iv been told its no wear near this as its a md any ideas ? I was briefed by my COC that this is what iv should expect, when i spoke to SVPA they said its not near any of that but ill have to wait
  7. Her majesty has already given you the only credible answer already, unless the pm from FPS suggests otherwise. You could always write to SPVA pensions and ask for a written forecast rather than rely on a JPAC operator's understanding of armed forces pensions!
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  8. So there's no answer but wait to see what SPVA say then? O well
  9. Can you not read?
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