Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by britgit, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. I served in the Army from April 73 to November 76. I was 17 when I joined so the first 7 months of service was prior to being 18 years old! Just wondering if I'm eligible for any type of pension! You never know!

  2. Nope nuttin zilch nada you are in the dead zone buddy, same as me.

    There used to be something called the Armed Forces Pension Action Group (AFPAG) dont know if they are still going but you can Google it.There is probably something in the forums here as well.As I remember it until 1975 you had to have served 22 as an OR but that changed after that date. I missed it by a small amount but hey ho thats gone for ever.

    However if you do find out anything let us all know will ya.
  3. I was 16 in the August and joined (IJLB) in the September. I remember being told it was non pensionable service as this began at age 18 so "hang on for a few years son". Mind you, I did stay on and did 23 years and got a very nice immediate pension which I also commuted, so thanks Aunty Betty.
  4. Exactly the same in many company pensions in those days, not fair but that was the way is was. Remember the good old days?
  5. Others have rightly said that you have no entitlement but I will tell you why. If you left prior to 1/4/78 you had to be 26 or over and have 5 yrs reckonable service.
  6. Well there were some good old days but thankfully now most of it is getting warped by time and an old mans mind and I only remember bits of it. Mostly its the personalities which stick in the memory and how we were all a bunch of misfits who just managed to fit together. Could stay away from each other but when the crap hit the fan band of brothers had nothing on it. Pity about the pension though could do with it now. At the time thought inflation was pumping up a tyre.
    Wouldn't have missed it but would have done it differently. Isnt hindsight marvelous.
  7. I just got it from the horses mouth, so your all correct in your answers. It's a big no...... I didn't expect anything, but I had a beer with someone who used to be in military pay (so he said) and told me I was entitled to a pension!!!