Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by ukray, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. Hi, one and all. :D
    I did twelve years, in regular British Army, am I entitled to a pension?
  2. yes only half.
  3. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Source RBL.

    Check on age qualification as - depending on age/sex it could be 60
  4. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Further to my last - you will also need to apply for it - it will not be automatic. Vets website has the details somewhere.
  5. Yes, you may receive your preserved pension early if you are unable to work (through disability), get in touch with Kentigern House - you will have to provide medical evidence of inability to work.
  6. What ever you do....Do NOT transfer it!! ( I did this to my cost :oops: )
  7. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Sorry to hear that mate.

    In most cases never ever transfer a public sector pension.
  8. When?

    Prior to 1975, IIRC, there was no entitlement to a pension unless you had completed a full stretch.

  9. Thanks. That was 20 years ago :roll: Legislation and awareness has changed since mind. The last 12 months has seen the value of my funds plummet by 40% :x
  10. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    I refer the good gentleman to:

  11. @ elovabloke:
    Agreed - though one should contact the PS&VA (formerly War Pensions Agency) for further information.

    If you are unable to work due to disability you can claim your Armed Forces pension (in my day called a preserved pension) early - this is not the same as transferring your pension (so I would agree with Adam).

    If you have served in more than one branch of the armed forces it might well be better to have the pensions paid separately as it could end in a higher pension depending on the amount of service and rank in each branch (so make sure you check out this option).

    Bear in mind that receipt of pension early can result in loss of benefits in other areas (rent/council tax et al as some councils' assess the pension as 'unearned income'.
  12. Many thanks.
    Like an old soldier, im just fading away. :boogie: :boogie:
  13. I turned 60 a few weeks ago :( and followed the rules and applied for my pension 3 months prior to my birthday, all went without a hitch. Done 21 years and got my graturity in the my bank account the day before my birthday and tomorrow should see the first of my pension payments :)