Pension whilst on tour

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by papamike_9, Oct 1, 2010.

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  1. I need a little advice with regard to Pensions. I was a regular solider left after 6 years service as a lance jack. Pension was AFP 75

    Joined the TA a few years later volunteered to go out on Telic 6 at the mobilisation centre I was asked what I wanted to do with regard to my pension new rank of Sgt

    They would pay my civilian pension (no need as my employer covered this one and carried on with my payments)

    Or they would put it in a separate pot.

    I asked if I could re- join AFP 75 the Clerk who was handling that, said no as id been mobilised under a different act. (I wasn’t inspired by her confidence to say the least)

    I opted to put this in a separate Pot.

    I’m now going out on Herrick 14 got my papers and under the pension instructions it states that reservist can re- join AFP 75 if they had been previous members.

    I’m at a quandary

    Was I given duff info on my Telic mob could I have re joined AFP75

    With my impending Herrick mobilisation

    Do I or can I rejoin AFP 75 and what benefits will that give me, how much will it increase my regular service pension if at all.

    Or do I have the payment placed into my civi pension (with a different employer now)

    Any advice or heads up appreciated


  2. I am fairly certain that there is no way, as TA mobilising, that you can re-join AFPS75. You can join the Reserve Forces Pension Scheme - your "separate pot" perhaps: this is very similar to AFPS05 in terms of benefits.

    Whether RFPS or have MOD pay the employers' contrib to your civvie pension depends on a lot of factors - difficult to work out and probably best approached with a professional advisor.

    Personally, I take the RFPS route myself but that's my decision. I now have about a dozen (small) RFPS pensions to add to my AFPS75 preserved pension once I hit the magic age!
  3. This is a pretty complex issue and you'll likely have to see an IFA and pay them a fee for the work.
  4. I think I can explain this..

    Up to 2005 it was possible to rejoin AFP 75 if called up for TELIC. The deal was that your pension was upgraded to half the difference between what you retired at and what you would have got had you retired at the end of your tour.

    This was changed sometime before TELIC 6 and this deal is now only available if general war is declared.

    The option now is to have MOD pay your contribution to your employer's scheme, or have it put into the RFPS (which is what you say happened..)

    If you deploy again your additional pension contributions will go into your existing RFPS "Pot" and will be paid to you when you are 65! Because you have a good employer, you will end up with double bubble, although perhaps not as generous as AFP 75 (but nobody gets that now..)!
  5. Okay, having checked the book I got at my last mobilisation (MMP/123, Jan 2008 ), you can only rejoin APFS75 (or 05) if you are mobilised under s68 - which is the "attack on UK" one, so not applicable to Herrick 14 or Telic 6.
  6. Thanks for the replies. Might just sick it in the pot. Double bubble.