Pension transfer

Any info on this would be gratefully received.
My father completed National Service then went on to be a schoolteacher for 15 years (7 years of which was spent teaching in forces' schools. He then decided to join the RAEC and served on until finally retiring in 1985.
In all the time he was teaching, of course, he paid superannuation and should have been due a teaching pension but, apparently, because he then switched departments, as it were (Education to Defence) his teachning pension rights were not transferable and he is now missing out to the tune of some £3,000 per annum.
Is this right?
It is too late to transfer a pension once it has been put into payment. If he is not receiving his teaching pension he should write to the England & Wales Teachers pension Authority (the address will be available at some Teaching/Union web site). I believe that SCEA also paid into this.

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