Pension - The Government - Your reaction if CMD does a Gordon

Now, there is a lot of speculation out there at the moment about SDSR and the governments plans for defence spending. One of the areas they will inevitably look at is the affordability of the current pensions arrangements (AFPS75/ 05 etc).

I have no link or proof but just a sneaking suspicion that we are about to take a great big sandy marrow up the arrse whilst we aren't looking.

Obviously the devil will be in the detail but under what circumstances will other arrsers decide that 'selfless committment' is no longer financially viable?

For me any arrangement whereby I do not receive an immediate pension upon completion of my engagement will see me exit stage left. It has been the only reason I have stayed in these last few years. I think I can still PVR (hope I still can anyway).

Also raises the question of how much stock we all hold with that particular 'core value'?

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