pension statements once you leave

I left UK too and at first got a monthly statement but now its just once a year . I kind of remember a letter stating that a change was made bla bla bla - about why - Not a cost cutting thing at all :D


I've only ever received statements once a year for the last 14 years and I live in the country.
I live abroad and get my pension paid into the bank on the 13th of every month. Why would I need a monthly statement? I know how much it is going to be each and every month, its not going to change.
I left the Services whilst in Germany in 93 and have remained here since. Statements come once a year in April. As long as the pension keeps coming in, that's fine by me. :D
KarlR419 said:
Why is it that now I have left and moved abroad, I am not getting statements from Glasgow telling me what my pension is monthly? I have been in touch with that AARSE known as JPAC to ask why on numerous occasions and still no avail. The address is correct, I am receiving mail on a regular basis, Does
anyone else have the same problem?????
As has already been stated, you only get 1/year. This was explained to me before I left in 2002. You should have been told (probably was TBH).

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