i completed 22 years service and was granted a well earned 22 year pension.i joined the MPGS and have now had some of my pension taken away from me, WHY?? if a civvie prison or police officer rejoins he does not loose any pension, if i joined any govt service i would not loose any!! a sgt has recently reverted because he was worse off after being promoted!! an old fashioned rule must be scrapped. the pay review board have been conned and not researched the facts

Ask the question of the Trustees of the AFPS. They should be able to give you the "justification."

I know a bit about pensions, would be very interested to hear what they have to say and would maybe give you some tips.

Even if your where RMP.
cheers for that one mate, yes we have spoken to AFPRS are they interested NO, rumour has it cherie blair may have taken up the case on behalf of retired officers, well that family need at least one success this year, hope it is her. £400 pm is a lot to loose
it sounds as though your immediate pension (IP) has been continued because you are effectively doing "continuance", ie, you are now in year 23 of your pension. I guess this would be OK if you were on real continuance as the salary is higher, but as MPGS I guess you could do with the extra dosh that your IP would give you.

Sorry - cant see a way round it....but just remember that every day you do adds to you existing pension.
monkey084 said:
cheers for that one mate, yes we have spoken to AFPRS are they interested NO,
AFAIK Trustees have a Duty ( under Trust Law and the Pensions Act 1995 ) to look after members interests and answer reasonable questions from members. In particular, what benefits are payable and how they are calculated, and any conditions of payment would seem to be reasonable.

If they do not provide this information, they are on breach of The Pensions Act and OPRA, the Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority can, I believe, impose "medium level" fines of up to £1000 for individuals, and £10,000 for any other person ( ie a corporate body ) if they fail to provide this information within two months of a request.

Sorry about being a spotter.
You can contact the Pensions Ombudsman without trying the chain or the AFPS first. The AFPS says that "official" routes must be exhausted first. This is a lie, and not what the Pensions Ombusdman says.

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