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Need help with the following. Have a soldier who joined the Army in 1989 and after some 5/6 years service she left the Army during 1995. Thereafter, she re-enlisted during November 1996. However, during her absence Pay 2000 had come into effect and as such her previous service, allegedly, was not going to be added to her new service for her future pension. Accordingly, when the soldier leaves the Army in Feb 2013 she will only have served some 17 years towards pension and as such she will not be entitled to the 22 pension (In effect she will only be entitled to the 12 year type pension). Would be grateful if anyone can clarify if this is right.

Firstly pay 2000 didn't come into effect until 2001, secondly all regular service over the age of 18 since the introduction of AFPS75 counts towards pension - your friend needs to contact JPAC ASP to ensure this is sorted.

And if she re-enlisted before the changeover to the new pension she should have been given the offer to transfer (which she should have refused).

IMHO, of course. :D


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