Pension rights forex wife AFTER divorce

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by JIB 91, Aug 4, 2013.

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  1. Hi, I have been trawling this site and many others for the answer to a question.
    I am in the process of divorcing my wife after she left me. She has not asked for any of my pension in the divorce papers and I'm now at the Decree Nisi stage.
    We have agreed on an amount of maintenance which is DOUBLE what she is supposed to get, but this is due to her THREATENING to take me to court for my pension. This is the only asset I have and she knows it.

    The question is: Is she entitled to my pension AFTER divorce is complete?
  2. Mate. Get proper legal advice. Seriously. Don't just Internet shit like this ask a professional, and get him/her to look at the entire financial arrangement before its signed off.

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  3. To avoid giving you a definitive but wrong answer, google Financial Clean Break Orders
  4. as amapola said, although if she did go for it she cant claim until shes 65
  5. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    The answer is: Ask a solicitor.
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  6. It is a Clean Break Order you need and, of course, ironr4tions is spot on too.

    One firm of lawyers came to the FPS for a briefing about the Armed Forces pension schemes (as AFPS 75 is unlike most other pension schemes divorce lawyers encounter). Their divorce specialist is Susan Baker at Reading solicitors, corporate, property and family advice, Field Seymour Parkes - but other law firms are available.
  7. It was changed to 55 in 2008, with a special rule to allow those with a 65 pension age to claim early with actuarial reduction.
  8. When I got divorced it was written into the "contract" that she had no claim to my pension. This is Scotland mind, so the law may be different, but as said by others, she does have a claim unless you two come to an agreement.

    Good luck.
  9. She's entitled to a torch, a bottle of water, a watch and all the air left in the coffin after you've nailed it shut!
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  10. You will both have to submit statements detailing all your respective assets and liabilities. It is up to the judge to decide at the final hearing what levels of maintainence if any your former wife is entitled to if agreement cannot be reached by consent.
    My ex did not include a claim to my pensions and although I was paying maintenance with consent the figure was reduced by £200pcm as to reflect what she was actually entitled too. The judge at the final hearing stated that the matrimonial home was her pension.
    Unless your ex was a kept woman and you were exceptionally wealthy levels of ongoing spousal maintenance are very low.
    You will need to seek specialist legal advice. It may cost a fortune but will be well worth it in the long run.
  11. Scots law wrt pensions does differ from that in England and wales - my understanding is that its better in that the Court will only take into account the time you've been married when looking at how much pension she'll get. England & Wales just split the assets, which is inequitable IMO.

    If you where married for two years and in that period accrued pension of say, £500 she might be awarded half of that figure, not half of your whole pension.
  12. 'Snakes with tits' is the phrase, is there anybody on here, indeed, on this planet that disagrees?
  13. My ex husband gets sweet f*** all of my pension, and we were married 14 years and I served 15. Plus we live and married in Scotland.

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  14. I had a 'Clean Break Agreement' divorce, whereby she got the whole house and contents in return for a lower maintenance payment by me. It counted for fcuk all as she took me back to court some years later and won more money for maintenance.
    This is the stumbling block with a CBA
    Clean break divorce advice & tips - Darlingtons Solicitors 
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    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Well I can protect your Pension from pretty much anyone. Including Ex- spouses but I do charge a shed load for doing so. It is however worth it for the look on the Ex's and their lawyers faces when the hit the wall, and better yet when the lawyers explain to the Ex that there is absolutely no way they can get to it.