Pension Re-assessment - Lifetime Allowance Declaration

55yo next month - whoopee! :) :(

Just has a letter from AFPS Glasgow saying that before they can re-assess my pension they need me to complete the above declaration.
They enclosed a blank form with absolutely no explanation other than if I want further information I should look on - very helpful, thanks!

So I did look into it as best as I was able but I'm still fairly confused as it's all deliberately written so that only civil servants and financial advisers can understand it.

As I see it, if I don't have any other pension paying out then all I have to do is sign the form and send it back. The fact that I'm paying a small sum into a pension fund that will pay out at some stage in the future shouldn't need declaring as it's not paying out.

Can anyone here who has already completed one of these forms tell me if I'm right in my thinking?

Many thanks.
Natural cynicism always suggests not to trust anything like this. Check out the link below:

Forces Pension Society

The society has been going for years and they know the rules better than anyone else when it comes to AFPS. They may have something on this on line, so you won't have to join, but I would recommend joining if only to have peace of mind that you are not being asked to do something that will disadvantage you.
Thanks for that - no relevant info there though.

I rang Glasgow this am.

For anyone else approaching 55 and due to get a pension increase:- when you get this form it's basically asking if you have any other pensions being paid. If you don't then just write 'not applicable', sign the form and return it.
Thanks Dutchy. I've just received my letter and like you it is totally vague and non-explanatory. Your response to receiving said letter was identical to mine and also like you my response back to them is "not applicable".
Wouldn't it be nice if whomever writes these letters gets somebody, preferably from a different department and ex-squaddie, to proof read and suggests changes or additions?
What's the significance of already recieving a pension? I'm drawing my Australian Army pension now and in three years I'll be due my preserved part pension from the British Army. Is it a tax thing?


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What's the significance of already recieving a pension?
It's to make sure that they have details of benefits you're already receiving. Basically, you can take pension benefits of £1.8m and still have an element of tax relief. Therefore the people providing your second pension need to know how much you're taking from your first one so it can be taxed correctly.

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