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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by zom757, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. My last day of service is Thu 20 Nov 08. When can I expect to get my lump sum and when will my first pension payment be? I have heard nothing from APC which is typical of them!
  2. I got my lumps sum on the day after my last day in service, my first pension payment was about a month later and is paid on that day every month. I also had a paychit for outstanding pay about a fortnight after I left. I had exactly the same problem as you, after phonng JPAC I received the square root of zero by way of info. I believe the party line is that your lump sum can take anything up to 10 working days from your last day.
  3. Cheers. The Mrs was starting to panic cos I don't start my new job till a couple of weeks after I leave.
  4. The rules that govern pension payments is that it must be paid within 30 days, as long as you have completed the correct paperwork (AFPS 1) I think. It is normally paid within 10 days though. Your pension is paid monthly in arrears so expect your first payment about 20 Dec, it will remain like that for the rest of your life.
  5. Depends if you have ticked all the boxes and crossed the Is and dotted the Ts...

    Me flash to bang 15 days after last day of service, your pension monthly payment starts the following month of your last wage...

    Mate of mine 2 months later, he rang them, forms filled out wrong and they hadn't sent them back....

    Moral of story fill out paper work and ring them to check its arrived and done in the right colored ink...

    That reminds me I must book a resettlement interview with the monocled mutineer ........

    Edited to add drugs and dreadlocks are farkin great
  6. They actually acknowledge receipt on a little tear off bit of the form. Just had mine back - although I had missed a bit of the form, they sent it back to me with a letter, seems quite efficient at the moment (only time wll tell), although I am not out until Feb 09, so am ahead of the game - in my diary to phone them last week of Nov!
  7. Hi All,

    Quick question regarding lump sum and final pay.

    Is your final pay lumped in with the lump sum or does it come later? Got my lump sum but know idea on the final pay aspect but the lump sum seems a little 'odd', possibly a bit more than expected which means I not desperately keen on phoning Glasgow. :wink:

    Cheers, BTF
  8. Allegedly the AFPS 1 Form comes with your release paperwork whihc you should get 9 months prior to Discharge and you complete it and send it in yourself.

    Failing that go and see your HR Admin about 6 months before discharge and get them to print one off (JPA & SPVA Forms is where it is at).

    Then send it all off and that will be in plenty of time for them to acknowledge receipt then you know at least that bit is done correctly.

    hope this helps

  9. Actually the AFPS 1 must be completed and arrived at JPAC 2 months before discharge. The earlier the better is the best idea.
  10. My lump sum arrived 10 days after my final paid day, my monthly pension started on the 5th of the next month, and as told in my Financial Aspects of Resettlement Briefing it has arrived on the 5th of every month since.
  11. Discharged on 1st of October, lump sum received on 12th and pension on the 22nd and monthly thereafter.
  12. My pension is supposed to start on my 60th birthday, some way off , has anyone or does anyone know if it can be deferred?
  13. I have been transfered to the new pension scheme after rejoining, had an 11 year preserved pension and am adding it on to new scheme currently at 14 year point in my career. do i still get an immediate pension at my 22 year point? edp payments? used the pension calculater on army net $37,416 and annual $6860, do I get a lump sum paid to me and do I get a monthly payout? i like things nice and simple and thats all I need to know. also does anyone know if at the 18/40 year point I know it's half your pension but do you still get the lump sum and monthly payouts? I am infantry like things simple.
  14. HR Admin, lol, you make it sound so professional, you MUST be RAF
  15. Hi,

    Ended up having to phone Glasgow. Crux is they deducted my final pay from my outstanding LSAP balance meaning they gave me the difference of lump sum plus final pay less LSAP. One day I may or may not see a pay statement explaining this but I'm not holding my breath especially if it's sent to my old unit.