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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by groover, Apr 6, 2007.

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  1. Wondering if anyone can help me on this.
    I am a serving officer who is looking at being MD'd in the next couple of months. I have only been in for 3 years, but as it obviously not my choice to be leaving, am I entitled to any sort of gratuity or pension? I am under the AP75 scheme and I know that I will likely get something from the War Pensions side of things (as the reason for being MD'd occured whilst in service) but I can't seem to get anthing out of RHQ as to my actual pension and when told to speak to Glasgow they have been as much use as a chocolate fire guard.
    Any help would be much appriciated!!
  2. Get onto the Veterans Association - they have all the info.
  3. The VA will not tell you anything, as you are still serving. Once you have attended a med/board, & then, if you do get an 'MD' from the forces. You should then start to get any info ref your 'MD':

    1. Full resettlement. You could transfer this resettlement package to your partner at your Med/board if you feel that you are not ready to undertake the resettlement package. Or you can ask for a deferrement for upto 1 year on your resettlement package, if you are not ready to undertake it, after you leave the forces.

    2. Your 'MD' Pension is paid for time served, & is an attributable or aggravated condition.

    3. The War Pension from the VA is a not at fault compensation paid to ex-service personnel, however if you are claiming for an illness or injury that was caused after 6th April 2005 you come under the new scheme, the armed forces compensation scheme?. The VA will send you a claim form to fill out ref your 'MD' from the forces, fill it out & send back any supporting medical evidence you have (get a copy of your med/doc's now) .
    The VA will then based on your claim & evidence will decide whether you are entitled to receive a war pension. The VA will inform you in writing about your entitlement:
    1. Not entitled to a war pension.
    2. 1-5% gratuity (one of lump sum payment).
    3. 6-14% gratuity (one of lump sum payment).
    4. 15-19% gratuity (one of lump sum payment).
    5. 20% & above weekly War Pension (goes up in increments of 10% up tp max 100%).

    Remember to keep copies of all evidence, including claim forms, you have sent in to the VA for any future use, start a diary now.
  4. Thank you for the advice. I have already got my med doc and I am keeping up to date on all the relavent infomation.

    Could you please explain your second point (2. Your 'MD' Pension is paid for time served, & is an attributable or aggravated condition.)
    in a little more detail if you have time as I am not sure I understand it very well.

    Once again many thanks. And if there is any more advice out there do feel free to post.
  5. Groover,

    Bad news for you.

    You get the full resettlement package which includes 7 weeks resettlement, £534 etc. The JSP covers it (but I can't remember which number).

    You will have to dig through this thread for the pension figures...


    AFAIK, on top of this, you will receive a disability pension based on the Med Board's decision.

    There are several other MDs (so to speak) who have posted on here. You could search the boards and contact them.

  6. Your claim for a pension will be an attributable or aggravated condition.
    1. An attributable condition is one that is caused by service. 'eg' wounded in the Gulf
    2. An aggravated condition is one that was not caused by service but made worse by it. 'eg' diagnose as having diabetes in service, then getting an 'MD' for it.

    If you do get an 'MD' the hard part will be getting the War Pension right. When you get out the 'VA' will give you a war pension medical before they make a decision.

    Things to be aware of!
    The medical most of the times will be at your home, this is called a domiciliary visit. or you may be asked to attend a medical carried out by a specialist, which will not be done at your home. You will be given a date & time & venue when to attend. How much warning you get to attend a medical can vary from a couple of days to 2 weeks or longer.

    At the medical have a partner with you.

    Do not dress up for the medical wear what you would normally wear, & feel comfortable in.

    Have your medication or repeat prescriptions handy.

    Discuss all of your accepted conditions, even if these have not got any worse you will still need to mention them as they come under your accepted conditions. The person doing the medical will not prompt you about any of your accepted conditions.

    You may have a physical examination or be asked to walk up stairs etc. If you can not do what they are asking because it causes you pain or discomfort, say that you can not do it for this reason.

    The person carrying out the medical will ask you questions and will write a report on this. They will then either ask you to read it or they will read it to you, and you will have to sign to say you agree. If you do not agree or there is something that has been written down incorrectly ask them to change it there and then before you sign. Alternatively have a written or typen statement about your symptoms prepared to hand to the Doctor about your illnesses.

    Only one person will carry out the medical on you, if there are more than one person present you can ask who they are and why they are attending.

    If you have any concerns about the medical write to the 'VA' as soon as possible voicing your concerns.

    Write to the 'VA' for a copy of the medical report that was written by the doctor on you.

    Remember the 'VA' will try and give you as little as possible.
  7. I have just been medically discharged after eleven years. Once you have recieved your your paperwork and if it is a p8, then you will be sent home on terminal invaliding leave. You need to make sure that the cc has completed a 1309 for you which tells the mod how much you owe them and they owe you. If your cc is switched on then this should be sent asap (or you will be in the mess i found myself in) the 1309 goes to glasgow, and that gives them your discharge date and they will sort your last months pay NOT the army. So i would make sure you have some savings in the bank as they are not to quick in sorting this out. If it is a "medical discharge" and NOT on medical grounds then the paperwork will be sent to the veterans agency and they will award you a lump sum if attributable to the service. I did ring the AFPAA on 0800 0853 600 but they will not tell you anything until they have recieved the 1309. Hope that helps you somewhat and good will need it.
  8. The actual form you need to fill in for your last pay and any dedctions is an AF O1809, not 1309. See your Pay Office ASP to ensure that all the paperwork is completed prior to you going on invaliding leave etc.