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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by hussaruk, Feb 20, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,
    This is my first post so I hope its in the correct forum!
    I needed some help with a pension query and cant find the answer anywhere.
    I was medically discharged in 1998 (joined in 89, left and joined again in 91) with mental health issues which later was diagnosed as bi polar disorder, In the last two years I have also been diagnosed with PTSD.
    My question is this...I was given a cash lump sum when I left and recieve a monthly payment of around £300.00, Im sure i was told when I left that I would recieve another lump sum later in life? I think it was at 50? If so what is this, Is it part of being medically discharged or something different? I ask as Ive become really ill and had to give up my business and worry about the future a bit more now.
    Thanks for reading this,
  2. Sorry I'm not sufficiently familiar with pension stuff to be able to give you an answer, but there may well be someone more knowledgeable along shortly. In the meantime there's a load of useful information at the veterans' website, including contact details, here. Given when you left you'll be on the Armed Forces Pension Scheme 1975 (AFPS75) and there's a brochure with a load of information about it here.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful mate, but good luck.

  3. vauxhall

    vauxhall Sponsor

    Hi Ollie,

    Write to SPVA giving your name, service number and date of discharge. Ask them if you have a further preserved pension. Address is Pensions Division, Mail Point 480, Kentigen House, 65 Brown Street, Glasgow, G2 8EX. Their freephone number is 0800 085 3600

    If you have got a further preserved pension it will be payable at age 60 not 50. However, I would have expected your two periods of pensionable service to be aggregated when you were medically discharged - that means one pension and one lump sum, paid on discharge.

    Good luck.
  4. Ollie,

    You may be able to have your compensation re assessed if your PTSD can be shown to be as a result of your service. See the SPVA website Pensions and Compensation or contact them using the info provided by Vauxhall. The Royal British Legion may approach the SPVA for you if you feel you need their support.

    I found the SPVA personnel very helpful.