Pension Q - Commissioning from the Ranks

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Oxygen_Thief, Nov 6, 2008.

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  1. A bit of a long shot, as I've spoken to a LOT of people supposedly in the know, including Glasgow who fobbed me off. However, Does anyone know how the pension is calculated if:-

    *I have 6 years of reckonable soldier service after the age of 18 (from 20yrs of age) - bearing in mind Offr service starts at 21.

    *im on the old pension system still

    *Officers full service period is 16 years on an IRC against a soldiers 22, which i signed for initially.

    What im after specifically is How is my final pension calculated, and when is it due ?

    part of the difficulty is do i serve 10 more years to serve the 16 yrs of an officer, or dso i serve 16 more years and get a 22 yr officers pension ?

    really have no clue.

    thanks (except the flamers)
  2. Check out this link on the RLI: all the answers are there, just read the regulations.

    You will also find a link there to the pension’s calculator which will give you a good pointer on what you can expect and it takes into account service in the ranks before commissioning.

    Under AFPS 75 rules any service that you do before the age of 21 does not count towards you length of service for an officers pension. As long as you have done 16 years of qualifying years of service you will get an immediate pension. In your case this will be when you are 37. Each year you serve after this date simply increase the length of service which will increase you pension. Your 22 year point is irrelevant.
  4. Thanks for the help, I'll go have a read through the link.
  5. I thought as long as you had done 5 years comissioned service and had done a minimum of 16 years reckonable service then you could get an immediate officer's pension, why would you have to have done 22 years from your 21'st birthday to get an LE Pension ???

    Talking pish methinks :?
  6. Yea thought the same but you meant 6 six years not five didn't you..
  7. Can't help with that connumndrum-as I didn't join until 21 all my service counts-I am pretty sure that LE's loose their sub 21 years so have to do 22 from 21 but don't quote me
  8. On commissioning from the ranks (LE), a minimum of 5 years service (from start of that Commission) to qual for an immediate pension.

    DE officers pension date starts from their 21st birthday (AFPS 75) and minimum requirement is 16 years for an immediate pension.

    More info can and should be obtained from the AFPS 75 or AFPS 05 booklets respectively and these can be found via ArmyNet.
  9. And you managed to commission??? God help us all...
  10. Your pension as an LE officer will go from the age of 21 once you have completed 5 years commissioned service.
    You will not lose out as a non-officer will earn 1/74 towards their pension each year whereas an officer gets 1/68 each year (age 18 to 55 equals = 37 years so half pay and an officer 21 to 55 = 34 years so half pay again).
    The three years you could have done from 18 in the ranks does not count unless you leave before 5 years of commissioned service.
    OR - Number of eligible years from 18 x last years pay and divide by 74.
    Officer - Number of eligible years from 21 x last years pay and divide by 68.
  12. I couldn't answer any of the previous questions with any certainty but I can spot an error. Delete "last year's pay" from your calculation and insert "representative pay". AFPS is based on representative pay; not final salary. So, if you are a WO2, your pension is based on a salary that is halfway between the maximum and the minimum for the rank.

    The best thing to do is look at the AFPS tables that are published every year. Or use the calculator on the Armynet website.